Persuasive Speech On Equality And Discrimination

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Gary is coming home from a brutal day at the office. He had just worked through the weekend to finish a big presentation and even missed his girlfriend’s birthday party for work. After he presented he was immediately fired for a mediocre job on the report even though he put his heart and soul into it. His three best friends decided to take him out to help him get over this tough time. Three hours later, Gary was in a great mood and looked to be over the hardships he had just faced. Then his friend Arnold told Gary it was good he was happy, especially considering he had just wasted his weekend on work, his girlfriend wasn’t talking to him, and he was fired and unemployed. Gary immediately started crying and became depressed. Gary’s other friend …show more content…
Racism from the past should stop being discussed and used in major decisions so the United States can move on and everyone can live equally in peace together. The only way this country will get over racism is if all people stop talking about the past and realize equality is when everyone should be treated the same in all aspects in order for true equality, things like affirmative action which were put in place to promote equality but actually separated races even more, obsessing about award presentations, and athletics are what people need to get over in order for the country to truly be equal to all.

Morgan Freeman was once asked what he thought people need to do to stop racism; he responded with a confident response, “ we need to stop talking about it.” Morgan Freeman made a bold statement that makes an excellent point on how if civilization dwells on the past they will never escape it. Although people shouldn’t be completely color blind because then they cannot appreciate the culture of minorities. The unpleasant
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Malcolm Gladwell discusses how “the education of any athlete begins, in part, with an education in the racial taxonomy of his chosen sport.” Gladwell believes that kids are programmed from a young age to know what sports they play and what positions they should play. Some races including African Americans are sometimes thought to be more superior then others at sports. In all honesty no racial groups are superior at sports than other groups. Although there are many more African American athletes at the pro and college levels, the amount of talent is spread out evenly. There are much more average athletes who are white compared to those who are black. There are also a lot more African Americans who are below average athletically compared to those who are below average athletically and are white. African Americans may have more success in professional sports because they practice more and have more dedication. There is no need to bring race into the matters of sports. The athletic ability may be higher for some people, but it comes down to which athletes are willing top put in more work and dedication.
Everyone knows racism is a bad thing, but people can’t stop there. Racism is something that needs to addressed, but not made a big deal out of. The only way a nation can overcome difficulty

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