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  • Othello Essay

    Brabantio leaves saying that Desdemona will betray Othello. By order of the Duke, Othello leaves Venice to command the Venetian armies against invading Turks on the island of Cyprus, accompanied by his new wife, his new lieutenant Cassio, his ensign Iago, and Emilia as Desdemona's attendant. The party arrives in Cyprus to find that a storm has destroyed the Turkish fleet. Othello orders a general celebration. Iago schemes to use Cassio to ruin Othello and takes the opportunity of Othello's absence at

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  • Othello Essay

    Othello Essay William Shakespeare’s Othello tells a story of the tragic downfall of a man through jealousy and mistrust, influenced by the manipulative actions of another. Due to innumerable changes within society over time, it is inevitable that a wide range of critical interpretations and readings of the text will emerge. My personal interpretation of the play draws from the concepts of the traditional Aristotelian views of a tragedy. An Aristotelian interpretation concerns itself with whether

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  • Othello Essay

    As Othello leaves, Brabantio warns him to watch his wife because she deceived her father, and so may deceive her husband as well. Iago laughs at this, saying that Desdemona and the Moor will soon be tired of one another, and tells Roderigo to follow them to Cyprus, and to bring with him a large amount of money. He reminds Roderigo that he hates Othello, and promises to help him seduce Desdemona in Cyprus. When the other man leaves Iago delivers his first speech, in which he says that he plans to

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  • Essay on Othello

    He is Othello’s “Noah”, being able to build a ship of destruction that would trample whoever may stand in its path to destroy. He manipulated Brabanzio, conned Cassio, and mentally killed Othello and Desdemona. In our modern villain day Cassio would be considered a mastermind and in his craft; just as “Joker” was in the most recent Batman movie. He outwits his opponents and prey, as they coast themselves right along into his trap! My point being that we as humans don’t realize the power we have in

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  • Essay on Shakespeare's Othello - The Downfall of Othello and Cassio

    and will as tenderly be led by th' nose as asses are. I have't. It is engendered. Hell and night must bring this monstrous birth to the world's light" Act 1.Sc.3, 437-448). This quote clearly illustrates that Iago purposely went about deceiving Othello and took advantage of the Moor's gullibility in affairs of the heart. The quote, simply in its tone, is proof that Iago was a rage-filled, angry man. This quote further proves Iago's cleverness and cunning. Cassio assists in his own downfall in

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  • Essay on Othello

    Hart 3 Struggle to be together, there are a lot of interracial relationships that have been proven to last decades and more. (David Bowie, Iman). In Othello, this

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  • Essay about The Downfall of Othello

    would disgrace him in Othello's eyes. This works. Othello strips Cassio of his rank and, from that point on, has nothing to do with him. Iago, having deceived both Cassio and Othello, convinces Cassio that if he wants to get back into good standing with Othello, he should ask Desdemona for help. Now that Cassio will be spending time with Desdemona discussing how to regain his position as lieutenant, it will be easier for Iago to convince Othello of their supposed affair. Iago plants thoughts of

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  • Essay on Shakespeare's Othello

    Throughout all of this Iago has been trying very hard to hide his immense hatred towards Othello. Iago then rushes to find Othello before Brabantio finds him. During this time Othello gets notice of great importance from the Duke telling him that he is needed for battle, but before Othello leaves Brabantio and Iago accuse him of kidnapping Brabantio daughter and of using witchcraft to seduce her. Othello tells Brabantio that he is on the way to speak to the Duke about important matters of war. Brabantio

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  • Essay about Othello the Outsider

    Iago, one of his senior officers, does also. Therefore we assume that Othello is not respected by anyone in Venice because he is a monster and therefore “different” to everyone else. They extinguish any possibilities of pure love between Desdemona and Othello through suggesting that he tricked her into marriage by use of witchcraft: “if she in chains of magic were not bound…” and the excessive use of sexual imagery exposes Othello as very sexual, rampant and violent: “an old black ram is tupping at

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  • Othello Study Guide Essay

    To his conveyance I assign my wife. (Iiii284-286) 3. Let us be conjunctive in our revenge against him. (Iiii374) 1. What did Iago do to Othello? Why? a. Iago made Othello believe Desdemona was having an affair with Cassio. b. Iago had an affair with Desdemona to make Othello jealous. c. Iago made Cassio have an affair with Desdemona to make Othello jealous. d. Iago helped Roderigo start an affair with Desdemona because Roderigo loved her and Iago wanted revenge. 2. Why did Roderigo join

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  • Othello Study Guide Questions

    Brabantio comes down? Iago and Roderigo wake up Brabantio to spoil his happiness by telling him the Desdemona ran off with Othello. Brabantio is originally angry because he had told them not to come around him house, but is even more angry when he finds out that Desdemona is missing. Iago quietly slips away because he doesn’t want anybody to know that he isn’t loyal to Othello. 3. Explain the relationship between Iago and Roderigo. Who seems to be ‘in control’. Explain your first reaction to each

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  • Essay Inhumanity of Mankind in Othello

    He made Othello look like a fool in front of the very people who felt he was a great man. In the place where Othello felt most comfortable and powerful Barbantio made him look and feel like he was two inches tall without the slightest bit of remorse for doing so. Another citation that could be used from the play to show inhumane behavior is the overall dedication of Iago to ruin Othello's life. He plots to make Othello believe that his wife is cheating on him with Roderigo which leads to

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  • Othello: its Themes Essays

    (153)   Are hatred and loss the only themes in the work? Hardly. Campbell categorizes Othello as a “study in jealousy”:   Othello has suffered less in its modern interpretation than any other of Shakespeare’s tragedies, it would seem. So insistently did Shakespeare keep this tragedy unified about the theme of jealousy and the central victims of the passion, so obviously did he mould his plot about the black Moor and the cunning Iago and the victims of their jealousy that no interpreter

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  • Recognition in Tragedy - Othello

    degrees of recognition in tragedy. In Othello, recognition is minimal: the protagonist learns what he has done and what he has lost, but learns little or nothing about himself.’’ How far do you agree? – This is a quote that I have adapted into my thesis, taken from ‘’A Book of literary terms’’. Anagnorisis, a Greek word meaning ‘’recognition’’, is described by Aristotle as ‘’a change from ignorance to knowledge’’. I agree with this statement as, in the play Othello, Othello’s character experiences

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  • Othello by William Shakespeare Essay

    The play begins with a conversation between Iago and a Venetian nobleman Roderigo. They are discussing about how Desdemona, whom Roderigo loves, has eloped with Othello. Through this early conversation it is evident that that Iago is manipulative and cunning as he is already taking advantage of the rich and love struck Roderigo, whose money he has full use of: "Thus do I ever make my fool, my purse.." The first word we hear from Iago is "Sblood", a strong swear word in

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  • Othello Analysis Essay examples

    This was the Dramatic Iron in the drama. We the audience knew that Desdemona was innocent and did not cheat on Othello and that Iago were out to rob everyone. The conflict of the drama was that Othello and Desdemona were married, living a life together despite any differences until Iago came along and let greed get into his way so that he would convince Othello that Desdemona was unfaithful. The Theme of the drama was jealousy, hatred, loyalty, manipulation and power. Loyal means two different things

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  • The Significance of Emilia in Othello

    The Significance and Dramatic Purposes of Emilia In Shakespeare’s “Othello”, Emilia is considered one of the minor characters. She is the wife of Iago and the lady in waiting to Desdemona. Emilia makes a crucial contribution to the play as a whole. She contributes to the characterization of a couple of key characters and adds to the dramatic irony of the play. She plays an essential role in the escalation of the dramatic action. She also adds to some of the themes of the play. Emilia contributes

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  • Analysis of Othello Essay

    The duke says that Othello must go to Cyprus to aid in the defense against the Turks, who are headed for the island. Desdemona insists that she accompany her husband on his trip, and preparations are made for them to depart that night. In Cyprus the following day, two gentlemen stand on the shore with Montano, the governor of Cyprus. A third gentleman arrives and reports that the Turkish fleet has been wrecked in a storm at sea. Cassio, whose ship did not suffer

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  • Essay on Othello Engish Lit

    On contrary to this we can see the unconditional love Desdemona has for Othello, ‘That even his stubbornness, his checks, his frowns’, ‘his’ is a possessive pronoun, it’s as if Othello is her possession her world revolved around him, the repetition emphasise how Othello is her everything and It could be argued that Desdemona is more obeying to Othello because she loves him and wants to keep him buoyant; rather than just following traditional views because Desdemona has been against certain traditional

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  • Othello - Female Stereotypes

    Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 Othello Essay In “Othello,” William Shakespeare extensively explores female stereotypes that occur during the playwright’s time. Throughout the Shakespearian era, women were seen as the inferior sex, over whom men had complete control and thus forcing women to act submissively and obediently in front of their husbands. Men believed that women were objects who just cooked meals, cleaned the house, and bore children while society just accepted these degrading roles. William

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  • William Shakespeare's Othello Essay

    punished by death. Othello is a moral play which reflects the era's stance of interracial relationships as wrong. However it appears that Shakespeare is not simply a moralist. Othello is not simply a tragedy about a man whose fate decides that he should suffer a great downfall. Othello is more complicated than that, other factors are involved in the tragedy. Both Iago and Othello's own character can be held responsible for the tragic ruin of Othello. It is difficult

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  • Racism in Othello Essay

    believe that she would want to be with someone like Othello. He said that Othello must’ve used some type of magic to get Desdemona to fall in love with him. At that time it had to be a miracle for a black person to be with a white person, it was unheard of. Then he started calling Othello a Moor to his face and orders his guards to get him. It’s obvious that mostly every character in Othello is racist. If the color of Othello’s skin was white, Othello and Desdemona would’ve lived happily ever after

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  • The Tragedy of Othello Essay

    With Othello being a military leader for most of his life, trusting another military friend is uncommon, and therefore Othello has no reason not to believe or trust Iago. So it can be said that Othello has a number of tragic flaws, one being trustworthy. It is not to say that being trust worthy is a bad characteristic, but not to trust his own wife is considered a bad one. Othello did not confront Desdemona and allowed his temper to blind his judgment. We can see that he is being a chauvinist, and

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  • Foils in Othello Essay

    cuckolded by Othello without any hard evidence, foiling Othello again because Othello tells Iago “Villain, be sure thou prove my love a whore, Be sure of it; give me the ocular proof.”(3.3). Othello still has trust in his wife referring to her as “love” showing that he still has affection for her as well, whereas Iago has lost all faith in his wife and does not love her at all but uses her as a pawn in his scheme. Iago’s goal in the play is to take Desdemona from Othello like he believes Othello took Emilia

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  • Othello Analysis Essay

    This Evidence from the play shows that Othello already has a high standard of trust in Iago, which throws him into his despair. Iago cunningly sought for Othello’s trust and was able to deceive him. This weakness of Othello allows Iago to plant seeds of doubt and suspicion of Desdemona into Othello’s mind. Othello focuses on his too trusting and loving nature, which is easily manipulated by Iago. “Now art thou my Lieutenant”. Iago’s prestige undoubtedly mirrors foreshadowing of the tragic events

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  • Othello Swan Song Essay

    doubt that Othello is in fact the one to blame, though he still cannot recognize his failure at reasoning. Though the final words of Othello are excellent, they like Othello himself, are flawed. Every sentence seems to reveal a character flaw or personal problem. When he says he “loved not wisely, but too well” this is also true in terms of Iago. Othello’s marriage is based solely on stories and on pity. Othello objectifies his wife and shows no trust in her. It is debatable whether Othello is gullible

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  • Othello Persuasive Speech Essay

    further doubt in her. Later, Othello saw that Cassio had the handkerchief and he thought that Desdemona gave it to him when really Iago planted it in Cassio's things. This further proves that Iago planned the events that led to Othello's downfall. 2. Although Iago planned certain events in the play, he even went a step further in destroying Othello's life by sowing the seeds of doubt in his mind and manipulating him. * For example, in Act 3 Scene 3, Iago and Othello were together and they

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  • The Jealousy Begins/Othello Essay

    She then gives it to Iago. She lies to Othello about it missing and keeps the truth until it’s too late. Roderigo’s jealousy comes from the obsession he has with Desdemona. He hates the fact the Othello having Desdemona’s love and Othello being black. He expresses it by saying, “What full fortune the thick lips owes/ If he can carry thus!” (1.1.33) His obsession for those two grew very deep, that he let Iago trick him into his plot of revenge and this gives him time to review the reality of things

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  • Essay Othello-Whose Fault Is It?

    despite their love. And what about Desdemona? she hid her relationship about the Moore from everyone. She is deceptive and sneaky just as her father had said to Othello “Look to her Moore, if thou hast eyes to see she has deceived her and may thee” (act 1.3 p270) This line said by Brabantio foreshadows that Desdemona may deceive Othello since she deceived her own father. Desdemona has a habit of over-stepping boundaries and is forward. As it says in the audio “smart and confidence but just can’t

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  • Social Context of "Othello" Essay

    Iago regards Othello with hateful, stereotypical language, warning Desdemona’s father that “an old black ram/ is tupping your white ewe” (1.1.87-8). While Othello’s military prowess and noble character earn him his peers’ respect, the fact of his race remains an undeniable issue of conflict. In Shakespeare’s time, racial tension was an acknowledged fact, with uncertainty toward interracial marriages prevalent. The fact that Iago described Othello’s blackness in carnal and animalistic terms was as

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  • Essay on The Racism in Othello

    Roderigo chimes in, stating that Desdemona has gone “To the gross clasps of a lascivious Moor” and “made a gross revolt.”  The repeated reference to Othello as “the Moor” by Iago, Brabantio and Roderigo is essentially a statement of his race since the Moors were, as a people, dark-skinned.       When in Act 1, Scene 2, Iago seeks to frighten Othello by telling him of Brabantio’s influence as a senator, the general answers confidently: “Let him do his spite: / My services which I have done the

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  • Heroic Virtue in Othello Essay

    (58)   A character’s attitude toward the most fearful foe – death itself – is unquestionably a criterion for judging a heroic type from a non-heroic type. Helen Gardner in “Othello: A Tragedy of Beauty and Fortune” considers Iago’s wife Emilia to be a true hero of the play because of her fearless outlook on death itself:   Emilia’s silence while her mistress lived is fully explicable in terms of her character. She shares with her husband the generalizing trick and is well used to

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  • Morality and Destiny in Othello Essay

    discontent for the general when Othello passes him up for promotion in favor of a more scholarly man, Cassio. His complaints do not fall on deaf ears in the character of Roderigo, for Roderigo's hatred of the general already exists. He is already insanely jealous of this Moor who has captured Desdemona's heart. Iago's destruction of Othello thus begins as an insincere bonding with Roderigo and continues to build throughout the duration of the performance.   ..........Othello is not the sole recipient

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  • Othello – the Universal Appeal Essay

    Jonson’s phrase – was compounded out of his very heterogeneity, his appeal to individuals through a concrete understanding of their concerns (18).   Francis Ferguson in “Two Worldviews Echo Each Other” ranks the play Othello quite high among the Bard’s tragedies:   Othello, written in 1604, is one of the masterpieces of Shakespeare’s “tragic period.” In splendor of language, and in the sheer power of the story, it belongs with the greatest. But some of its admirers find it too savage. .

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  • Love in Othello Essay example

    imperfect, distorted, selfish.   On the other hand, the audience perceives the ideal form of love, a very pure, exclusive love, existing between Othello and Desdemona. This love is clearly evidenced on numerous occasions throughout the play. In the second scene the general responds to Iago with “I love the gentle Desdemona;” in the third scene Othello, defending himself before the Council of Venice, exhibits a deep love of his new bride by putting his total trust in her:   I do beseech

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  • Essay on Shakespeare otherness in othello

    Cassio is. Iago is the biggest mystery throughout the playwright. His motives for the most part are unknown but he does mention why he is angry at times. Shakespeare uses Iagos character to show the reader many things. Iago is white and he is othellos ensign. He is one of the most evil people having no motives for what he has done. He is a bitter man who feeds upon the torment of others to keep him content but even when he gets what he wants he still seeks to torment others. Shakespeare gives

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  • Analytical Essay Othello

    All these themes are present in Othello. Most dominant, however, are manipulation and jealousy. Jealousy runs the characters’ lives in Othello from the beginning of the play, when Roderigo is jealous of Othello because he wishes to be with Desdemona, and to the end of the play, when Othello is furious with jealousy because he believes Cassio and Desdemona have been engaging in an affair, but manipulation the prominent action that fuels the jealousy within Othello. Some characters’ jealousy is fashioned

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  • A Feminist Perspective of Othello Essay

    The daughter’s husband Othello expresses his sentiments to Iago regarding his relationship with the senator’s daughter, saying that I love the gentle Desdemona,      I would not my unhoused free condition      Put into circumscription and confine      For the sea's worth. (1.2) Once that Brabantio has located Othello, the father presses charges publicly in order to have Desdemona returned:        To prison, till fit time      Of law and course of direct session

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  • The Feminine Perspective in Othello Essay

    and he hates to lose the comforting services of his Desdemona. The daughter’s husband Othello expresses his sentiments to Iago regarding his relationship with the senator’s daughter, saying   that I love the gentle Desdemona,      I would not my unhoused free condition      Put into circumscription and confine      For the sea's worth. (1.2)   Once that Brabantio has located Othello, the father presses charges publicly in order to have Desdemona returned:       

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  • Truth in Shakespeare's Othello Essay

    Iago doesn’t fail to give Othello reasons to why Desdemona might cheat on him. He says: But pardon me, I do not in position Distinctly speak of her, though I may fear Her will, recoiling to her better judgment, May fall to match you with her country forms And happily repent. (3.3. 234-238) Iago doesn’t pass up the chance to get Othello where he is most vulnerable. Othello is aware that he is a black man and although he appears confident with himself, it is inevitable to feel a sense

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  • Dramatic Change in Othello Essay

    But by the time Othello found out truth that all this was Iago’s plan it was too late and he kills himself and Iago and Othello was the ‘tragic hero’ in this play. We see that Act 3 Scene 3 is really important in the play because this is where the problem begins and Iago cleverly manipulates Othello to ‘destroy’ his own life and also Cassio’s and Desdemona’s life. Othello changes from a charismatic and confident man in Act 1 Scene 1 to a evil and immorality man in Act 3 Scene 3. As the audience watch

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  • The Two Settings of Othello Essay

    Iago instructs Roderigo to, “Call up her father, rouse him. Make after him, poison his delight. (Shakespeare, 1014)” Iago’s lack of power does not last long. Once he arrives in Cyprus, as the ‘protector’ of Desdemona, Iago has gained more trust with Othello. Iago uses this trust to manipulate the people he is closest to in order to complete his evil plot. One of the people he uses is his very own wife. Emilia happens to see Desdemona’s precious handkerchief on the floor. In hopes to please her husband

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  • The Reputation of Othello Essay

    ultimate form, and he is a fountainhead of quotation and universal center of allusion. ‘A rose by any other name’ comes to the mouth as readily as ‘Pride goeth before a fall,’ and seems no less wise” (24-25).   Regardless of who views or reads Othello, he sees himself and his own situation reflected in the drama. Is this due to the multi-faceted aspects in which persons, places and things are presented by the writer. Heilman relates the high ranking of Shakespeare to the “innumerableness of the

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  • Othello Vs. Omkara Essay

    force of both the movie and the play. Without “revenge” the movie would have lost the essence of William Shakespeare. The introduction was not the only difference of the plot. Another difference, but more minor, is that in the beginning of the play, Othello is already married to Desdemona, while in the movie, Omkara marries Dolly after his promotion. To me, this was done because marriages are important in the Indian society and also to add to the plot by showing that the love between Omkara and Dolly

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  • Re-Contextualization of Othello for a Contemporary Audience

    Othello is a Shakespearean tragedy involving the schemes and plots of the villainous Iago against the Moor, Othello, and his wife Desdemona. Frantic Assembly’s performance of Othello incorporates the dramatic languages and perspectives of Physical theatre, as well as heightened Realism, to effectively re-contextualize the play for a modern audience. The re-contextualized play is very successful whilst still being true to the original text, combining parts of the Shakespearean script with an array

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  • Different Perceptions of Othello Essay

    revenge”, during the Shakespearean Era this was considered quite controversial for women to be talking about revenge against their husbands. The feminist look at the play too has flaws, much like the Marxist version. This is because the society in Othello is one where men are in charge, rather than the women. Women are also treated much like objects which goes against all ideas of feminism. “Look to your house, your daughter and your bags”. These two concepts have helped to augment the modern day view

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  • Essay on Iago and Honesty in Shakespeare's Othello

    Shakespeare has built up tremendous subtext for Iago and Othello around this simple word in this case.  Iago manages to, without saying really anything, force Othello to believing that Cassio should in fact be doubted, for his honesty. The second usage of this meaning also carries significant dramatic irony with it.  Iago uses it to refence to his own honour, telling Othello that although he does not like the job Othello has given him, to find out if Desdemona is cheating, he has been "Pricke'd to't

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  • Psychological Criticism of Characters in Othello Essay

    When Othello calls Desdemona an “excellent wretch,” he realizes for the first time that nothing is as important to him as Desdemona and this confuses him. For the first time in his life, love is the strongest emotion. Honesty is another of Othello’s qualities. For example, when telling about how he won Desdemona’s love, Othello tells it exactly how it happened. Othello has total confidence in himself and others. He has his priorities straight and does not let anything upset him. Although Othello’s

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  • Iago as the Hero of Othello by Shakespeare Essay

    With a higher rank, Iago would improve the status of his family and create a more comfortable life for himself and his wife. Although Iago has proven his worth to Othello, the lieutenancy is given to Cassio, a man undeserving of the role. Angry and disappointed, Iago says, " "One Michael Cassio, a Florentine that never set a squadron in the field nor the division of a battle knows more than a spinster." Iago is driven by his passion and yearning to fulfill his dream and acquire the lieutenancy

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  • Important Quote from Othello Essay

    * Duke of Venice commenting on how beautifully Othello speaks: I think this tale would win my daughter too. * Desdemona on her loyalty to her husband: you are the lord of duty; I am hitherto your daughter: but here's my husband, And so much duty as my mother show'd To you, preferring you before her father, So much I challenge that I may profess Due to the Moor my lord. * Duke moving on from news of Othello’s marriage to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus [Note: this is the first time prose

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