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  • Best Friends : Best Friend

    Best friend ■ Everyone has had a best friend at some point in their life. Sometimes it lasts for months or for years. Sometimes they’re your friends for 2 years more or less and you think nothing can come between you you’re the best of friends what could go wrong and then something does whether it’s big or little. Usually it helps you see all the problems that were building up and you start to realize the flaws in your friendship that you ignored before like how after they leave sometimes there’s

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  • Essay on A Best Friend Is Man’s Best Friend

    Rough-Draft #2 March 18, 2013 A Best Friend is Man’s Best Friend Dogs have been known to be “Man’s Best Friend” for thousands of years. More commonly known to be man’s best friends are dogs, rather than cats and any other animal. Most people consider a best friend as someone who is there for you when you are sad or lonely, when you need someone to talk, cry, or laugh, however a man’s best friend is all the same and more. Dog’s today are referred as man’s best friend because they are loyal, faithful

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  • Is The Best Friend?

    Best Friend There are going to be hardships in people 's lives. Some take what they are given. Others do their best to make a bad situation, Michael Gay III is that type of person. Michael has stuck by me since I met him through think and thin. We have help each other through hardships in our life 's. The time was winter of 2013 and the snow has fallen. Michael was at Kecoughtan high school in the cafeteria sitting at a table near where the lunch lines let out. When he saw me standing looking

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  • My Best Friend, My Friend

    for my best friends and my family. I have known my best friend Maya since the 3rd grade. Usually friendships like that do not last but luckily our relationship gets stronger as we grow older. My other best friend, Aurora, I got to know her in middle school and all three of us have been inseparable since. I honestly believe that if I had not been friends with them I would have turned out different. I want to go way back to elementary school and reflect upon that time. I was best friends with Maya

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  • My Best Friend And My Friend

    was tired of the loneliness it brought to me, the same day lived out day after day. But in all reality I was terrified to say yes until one night in the heart of Tennessee, my best friend asked if I’d join her in the move down. Sick and tired of the people and the dreary winters I finally said yes. It was decided. My best friend and I would make our journey after her graduation to join a community of unity. It was always a question, something I’d never wanted to commit to, but things were changing.

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  • Who Is The Best Friend?

    dependable, understanding, kind, emotionally unstable, and the greatest friend I could ever have. That sentence is what you would find if you looked up the definition of Maggie. When I first met Maggie I wasn’t a fan she was snobbish and had an “I am better than everyone else” air about her that got under my skin and made me want to stay away, which I did as much as I could. She was friends with two of my closest friends so I was around her more than I wished to be, but thankfully we didn’t have

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  • The Day Of My Best Friend

    of My Best Friend Friendships are one of the most important things a person can get out of life; someone may have many friendships but only a few people are considered best friends. They are considered best friends because they are always there for you when you need them, always know how to make you happy and always have your back. My best friend 's name is Ali Walder. We first met the begining of summer 2016 and we have gotten along ever since. However a typical day in the life of my best friend

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  • Is The Best At Making Friends?

    around common interests, be it sports, reading or other hobbies. Unfortunately, when I started middle school I did was not the best at making friends. I did not seem to be interested in the things that all my peers seemed to find fascinating so it was hard to find something to talk about. At the beginning of the 6th grade there was a specific incident where I tried to make a friend and what followed stuck to my mind to this very day. There was a girl named Rebecca and she was eating lunch by herself so

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  • Who Is The Best Of Friends?

    little brother Corrie were the closest friends every so ultimately, me and Charlie were forced to hang out when came back home from college because our dad was a hardworking man and our mother was never home doing only god knows what. After a while we became the best of friends, played in the same band together; I was a drummer and Joie was a tenor sax, we had our own mental language going that no one could figure out. We went on double dates with our friends being the third wheel with almost all

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  • Relationship With My Best Friend

    and that person love each other so much but drive each other crazy at the same time. I have that relationship with my best friend Suzy. Eight years ago, I met her at school, from the moment we started talking, we clicked. We decided to skip school the next day but got caught. For some reason, that day got us really close. Since that day, not only do I refer to her as my best friend, but also the sister I never had. When we’re not together, we’re always texting or on the phone. Last year, our relationship

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  • A Dog 's Best Friend

    To most, dogs are considered “man’s best friend,” however, your best friend may not be so friendly to other people. Usually in the rural area, houses are built without fencing; this causes problems to arise from pet owners who cannot keep their pets fenced in. A dog is considered “running at large” when it is not confined or leashed when it is off the owner’s property (“Animal Laws”). Allowing dogs to freely roam the neighborhood without supervision may cause problems for neighbors, the dog owner

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  • I Was The Best Friend

    was in pieces. My best friend Joanna helped me overcome my depression. Without her I would still be in profound sadness. She really did not do much but her presence was all I needed. When I was in tears, she made laugh. One time she came in the room and just hugged me. I needed that hug. It brought so much comfort to me because I knew I would always have someone by my side. That day I realized that in this world they are three different types of friends: the best friends, the friends and the occasional

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  • The Man 's Best Friend

    Man’s Best Friend They say a dog is a man’s best friend. I can agree with that given that I had a four legged, furry friend. My golden retriever, Copper, was my best friend. He was always there for me when I needed someone to rant to, he never judged me, and he would continue to love me even after shouting at him. No other dog could ever compare to Copper. He was one of the world’s greatest dogs in addition to being a best friend. Ten years ago, my parents decided to get my brother, Grant, and me

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  • The Book ' Best Friend '

    “Best Friend” I sit with my hand clutched at my heart and the other concealing my face while her car drove off with all of our memories with it. As she becomes smaller and smaller, I’m left detached with twilight approaching and the sound of crickets filling the air, I toyed with the idea of bringing her back, but decided against it. I clumsily kick a rock to the other side of the street, watching it fly into the bushes. As darkness overtakes me, recurring thoughts flood my mind and my eyes turn

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  • Summary : ' The Two Best Friends '

    SUMMARY Season 1, Episode 1 – Pilot: Joey and Dawson, the two best friends, are beginning to see the effects of the emerging development. Joey makes states that they can no longer have their sleepovers, as to salvage their friendship. Throughout the episode, Dawson is seen working on an amateur movie with his two friends, Pacey and Jen. Despite his love form film making, Dawson’s mind is soon filled with thoughts of Jen: the new girl who just moved into town from New York. It is then that we begin

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  • Being A Special Best Friend

    Having a special best friend is best thing happening to me when I was kid. My best friend, Grant Berry, he is coolest and grittiest person I ever knew and I do not have as much grit compared to Berry. I believed Grant Berry and I are different in every way, but turns out it was not the case. Recently, I learned Grant Berry and I are similar and yet so different in certain areas such as mindset and skills in reading courses. One area that Berry and I are similar in is having trouble remembering what

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  • Moving With A Best Friend

    Moving in with a best friend Coming home to an empty guess room and spare keys on the key ring is not how you want to end a weekend. Saturday morning I received a text from my best friend, we had been having issues with our living situation. The pain of knowing my best friend just packed up and left was terrible, I was basically losing my best friend. Senior year is full of excitement with prom and graduation all just at your fingertips. Also full of decisions like what you are going to do

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  • I Was The Best Friend

    hit by a car when I was 6. After that I was a dog less kid, which wasn’t bad thing, but I would always beg my parents for one. That all changed a couple of years after my sister was born. I didn’t think that the next dog I would get, would be the best friend I could have ever asked for. A couple years back when I was 13, playing teacher with my younger sister Scarlette was part of the norm. On a boring Saturday I was helping Scarlette count to 20, when she said 10 we heard our mother yell from the

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  • What Makes A Best Friend?

    A best friend, or at least in my experience, brings out your best qualities, and your best self. This, in a world where your personality is constantly being molded by others opinions and beliefs, is essential and a blessing to have. In answering this question, I tried to think about my own experience. One of my best friends, who moved away a couple years ago, is someone I feel I can completely be myself around, and I tried to look through her eyes when thinking about my best qualities. One quality

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  • My Best Friend And I

    My Best Friend and I I first met Hannah Blake our fifth grade year in elementary school. We had the same fifth grade teacher, and instantly became best friends. We started hanging out because we thought it was the coolest thing that we had the same name and our birthdays are exactly two weeks apart. Over the past eight years, we have become very close. We have developed several similarities and differences between us throughout this time. The more time we spend together, the more I realize how alike

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  • I Had A Best Friend

    Once upon a time, I had a best friend. Don 't get me wrong, I still do, it 's just a different person now. This original best friend I had been friends with for 8 years. Yes, you 'd think 8 years would have brought us closer together, even inseparable, and we were, but not in a good way. This friend, we 'll call her Holly, was an abusive friend. She didn 't punch me or anything like that (I 'd like to see her try) but she was mentally abusive. She would rip you down to nothing to make herself

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  • The I Have A Best Friend

    every morning that receives a grumpy, mumbled "Thanks." Also, your best friend who stays with you through every high and low point, but rarely receives an "I appreciate you." We 've all been in those positions. Even if we didn 't realize it until now. My story isn 't unique or long, but it 's my story about the time I was taken for granted. I have a best friend. Her name isn 't important to the story. She has been my best friend since we were tots still being dressed by our mothers. One week this

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  • A Play With My Best Friend

    On what felt like one of the longest days I went to see a play with my best friend. I didn’t tell her what it was about or any of the details, the play was titled The Boy Who Loved Monsters and the Girl Who Loved Peas. I had wanted to see it since it first came out in the early summer. The play did so well that they did a holdover, which meant that I finally had my chance to see it. When we first walked into Spongberg Theatre music was playing that filled the atmosphere with an outer space feeling

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  • A Dog 's Best Friend

    Having a dog can change anyone’s life for the better. For more than 10,000 years a pet dog has truly earned the right to be called a “man’s best friend.” A pet dog offers so much more than just being a pet. They are loyal and affectionate, and they are the only ones in this world that will love you more than they love themselves. “Dogs have a way of finding people who need them and filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had” (Thorn Jones). With that being said, dogs are often found changing

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  • A Day With My Best Friend

    After a long stressful test, I was going to spend the day with my best friend, Katherine. She opened the door to her dad´s car as she normally does with the school door because she is so courteous to me and also because she was taught to be that way.Once I got into the car I tentatively said to Katherine´s dad ¨Hello”.He responded back with a simple hello and resumed his talk with Katherine as if she had never left the car. They were talking so quick I had no idea what to say or do, so I kept quiet

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  • Lennie And George : The Best Of Friends

    Mostly all of us have friends, whether it be three or more or even just one really close friend our friendships are important to each one of us. But what is true friendship? What does true friendship mean to you? For me it means sticking by that person’s side through everything, having or being patient with one another, doing fun things with each other, helping each other when help is needed? Lennie and George were the best of friends, even though Lennie is mentally challenged and George doesn’t

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  • Music Is My Best Friend

    Raelyn Tagai Professor Pellegrino MUS 125 10 December 2014 Music is My Best Friend Music is such an important part of life. Throughout my life when I have been happy, sad, or wanting to just spend time on my own to get things done music has always been the answer. Music is all around us; while driving, eating at a restaurant, and while we wait for our car to be serviced at the dealership. A life without music is not truly a full life at all. I listen to a lot of different music: country, hip-hop

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  • A Man 's Best Friend

    A Man’s Best Friend After coming home from a frustrating day of school, Emily plops down on the couch wanting some down time when suddenly her mother rushes into the room. “How was school? Did anything exciting happen? Was lunch good? How did that Math test go? Why aren’t you answering me? Just so you know tomorrow you will have to ride the bus. When does musical practice start?” her mom says, showering her with questions. Caught up in this overwhelming situation, Emily shouts back and runs up

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  • What Makes A Best Friend?

    Best friends are the ones who show us the experience of life itself. When you grow up with your group of best friends, it is the moment to make memories to remember the best moments with your friends. Without friends or even best friends, you will realize how friendship takes on without one of them not being there for you. A friendship takes to be one person with good unique characteristic. They can be loyal, secretive, protective, cooperate and they respect you, your other friends and others. A

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  • I Am A Best Friend

    jealous of my other friend, this I knew very well. Especially Abbey. “It’s not that I don’t care, I just wasn’t invited and we do everything together. Or at least we used to.” This was the type of thing that always made me really mad. “You and Abbey don’t get along, and she invited me. I can’t just invite you also.” “Look, if you want to continue to be best friends, then I don’t want you talking to other people,” I definitely did not expect that. Nicole had been my best friend since first grade

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  • Who Is Your Best Friend?

    Sometimes, when you tell somebody a funny story from your childhood you are trying to explain: "We were best friends, partners in crime". After saying this, you start to think and maybe realize that you didn 't hear from your "best friend" for at least 8 years, or maybe recollect some events between two of you which do not fit the definition of friendship. People often ask the question: "Who is your best friend?". First, you think of a person, who is close to you now, with whom you spend most of your time

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  • Who Is The Best Friend?

    Throughout the course of one’s life, they may experience different friendships such as a best friend, a true friend, a childhood friend and an acquaintance. Each of these friendships contain a numerous amount of characteristics that come together to show the type of friend they really are. Most of them, however, are loyal, caring and trusting, as well as honest, and say it like it is. They are also understanding, but only to a certain point, and supportive, in all the good choices a person makes

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  • A Man 's Best Friend

    “A man’s best friend”. Dogs and their quality of companionships have always been an important part of American Culture, and the inseparable bond between man and dog is commonly seen as a symbol of the American dream and lifestyle. As Jack Solomon writes in Masters of Desire: The Culture of American Advertising; “American companies Manufacture status symbols because American consumers want them” (Solomon 403). Dogs were once seen as a status symbol in American society, and are now seen as a symbol

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  • I Have A Best Friend

    I have a best friend, Donna’s parent who has been in prison—Donna’s biological parents that are involved with police, judges, and social workers and her biological father, Jose has been going in and out of prison many times because Jose was on drugs and domestic violence. For this paper, I will briefly talk about Donna’s mother, Penny and then mainly talk about Jose and why they were involved with police and the judge. Penny was only sixteen years old when she gave birth to Donna and a couple years

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  • My Best Friend For An Adventure

    The sunny weather causes me to go outdoors and join my best friend for an adventure. On any terrain I can ride at fast speeds and feel the wind through my hair in nature. Each day try to learn something new so we can improve our skills. Being an equestrian rider has shaped my viewpoints on my future career and family. Participating with horses has increased my social skills. Caring for the horses and equipment has taught me respect. For example, brushing the horses with the various tools taught me

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  • My Best Friend : Vivian

    Vivian After watching my best friend overcome many obstacles during and after her accident, I finally understood the importance of appreciating life and savoring every moment I am blessed with. When I was fourteen, I experienced a bad day. The type of day where I’d get mean mugs from people I didn’t know and an attitude from my family. It was an uneventful day at school and I didn’t even bother to do my work. All I had looked forward to was seeing my best friend, Vivian. Vivian was a short beautiful

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  • Barbie : My Best Friend

    From a young age to adulthood, everyone remembers their favourite doll, Barbie. Barbie, your friend when o one else was there, your comforter. Barbie was your best friend. You got your first Barbie when you were four, from the moment you first glismped at her, you fell in love. You fell in love with her long blonde hair, skinny body and beauitful hair and makeup. 5You loved how pretty she was. She also had the perfect life, she had a boyfriend ( even though at four,boyfriends don 't mean much), her

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  • I Was The Best Friend

    It wasn’t a gradual friendship, but instantaneous, where we just knew one day we were best friends. Neither of us had to say it, we both just knew we could tell each other anything. She was the person I immediately told everything to and whom I could never stay mad at no matter what she did. I was at her house every weekend and we would do the same thing every time; make a bed on the futon in her basement and watch an entire TV series on Netflix when it was cold out. In the summer, we went to her

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  • My Greatest Friend : My Best Friend

    My Greatest Friend My best friend, my most memorable friend, and the most interesting “friend” has all been traced to the same person. This grand honor belongs to none other than the one and only Phyllis Law. She has this queer and awesome ability to lighten any mood and was never seen to be disheartened. Her mind was always operating and working, not on superficial tasks, but on a grand story of her life. Despite her somehow contradictory mood and personalities, she is able to penetrate deeply

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  • Who Is The Best Friend?

    you have a huge circle of friends around you. At school, at your job, near your neighborhood, everywhere. However, what you don’t know is who is your best friend and who is just a friend, acquaintance even. Every person you know could walk up to you and start a conversation with you. Having a large group of friends is great because you always have someone to talk to. But there is always that one friend who is a bit more special that the rest of them. This is your best friend, the one who can call at

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  • Psychology : My Best Friend

    One of my best friends in high school wanted to major in psychology and I often mocked him and poked fun at the idea that psychology was a real study and something to be taken seriously. Only after taking this psychology course, which I am forced to do in order to in order to pursue nursing, I have come to realize how little I even knew about the subject. I have judged people for enjoying the study and even worse, I have not taken seriously mental illnesses that affect some of the dearest people

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  • What Makes A Best Friend?

    “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow” (William Shakespeare). What is a best friend? To me a best friend is someone you can rely on for everything and anything, especially when the times get tough. It is someone who loves you unconditionally. Someone who will wipe away your tears and not only tell you everything will be OK, but will guide you into a new stage of happiness. But most of all a best

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  • The Best Types Of Friends

    lovely friend I was depressed that I didn’t get her number before she left. There are many types of people in this world. Every person with their own unique set of personalities. Throughout our lives we witness many bad and great personalities clashing with each other. Knowing this, one might ponder who are the best types of friends? Different friends will fulfill your different needs. Although these may vary from person to person, the friend who you shared your childhood with, the friend who is

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  • Who Is The Best Friend?

    Have you had a friend that you can tell anything to with no fear of judgement, shaming or them telling anyone? Maybe a friend who will go on a road trip in the middle of the night to a fast food restaurant you thought was 24-hours only to find out it wasn’t? How about a friend who would drop everything at 1 o’clock in the morning to pick you up from a party because you thought it would be a good idea to experiment with hallucinogens? Well, I have, Seven years ago I met a crazy beautiful, outrageously

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  • Personal Statement : Best Friends

    Best friends are the only thing in the world that stick by your side through the hard spells no matter what is occurring. They are the ones that tell you that look great in the morning, speak up for you when you do not, make you smile when no else can and they are the ones that love you for who you are. Best friends are a rarity just like diamonds and during my freshmen year of high school I met strangers that would soon become a fragment of myself and my family. These girls changed my life for the

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  • I Had A Best Friend

    I had a best friend that I had been friends with for ten years. Her name is Chyanne, we met in kindergarten when we both went to Anderson elementary. In Second grade we both switched to different school and never talk to each other because she went to school in Des Moines and I went to school in Ankeny. Well when I was in fourth grade my mom was pregnant with my little brother and sister. Her C-section was on November 19th, as I was anxiously sitting in the waiting room waiting to go see my new

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  • Essay About The Best Friend

    Best friend Everyone has experienced a death before whether it 's your pet fish, hamster or cat. Death doesn 't always make it easier each time though. When you’re young it 's not as easy to explain to you why someone dies. At 5 or even 50 you still always wonder "why"? There is never an easy way to tell someone. It’s even harder to explain to your seven year old why grandpa no longer is going to be around. All of the things you guys did with each other like going to the park, watching

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  • A Man 's Best Friend

    A man’s best friend. Without even saying the word people hear this phrase and instantly picture a loving pup. Dogs have been known as a man’s best friend for many decades, they are genuine, pure, loyal, and loving creatures. In my life, I have developed a love for these animals along with many others. Since I was little, I knew my goal in life was to become a veterinarian, but just wanting something isn’t good enough. To truly be successful in a career one needs to have motives, goals and find what

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  • A Dog 's Best Friend

    Dog-crimination “Man’s best friend” is a common phrase people use to describe their dogs. However, does anyone stop to think about the dogs who aren’t loved by a family? What about the dogs that are hated and demonized by society? Pit Bulls are among those dogs; the dog that gets left on the street when their family’s don’t want them, and the dogs that don’t get adopted from the shelters because they are seen as mean-spirited and aggressive. This may venture one to ask how did it come to this

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  • What Makes A Good Best Friend?

    person? Who is our other half? Our reason for smiling for no reason? More than likely it is a person that we call a best friend. A best friend is always there and knows you better than anyone else. What makes your best friend so special? Why can’t any random person just be your best friend? Best friends can be hard to find, but having one is incredible. Being a good best friend requires being honest, loyal, dependable, supportive, a good listener and being able to have fun. It sounds like a

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