Sam Septic: A Short Story

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In a distant land, there was a boy name Jackaboy and his best friend named Sam Septic.
The two of them were running through a farm looking for potatoes one day, when they came across a hole in the middle of the fields on their way to their homes. Sam Septic was running too fast and tried to keep his balance from falling but fails. Jackaboy calls the farmers for help but it seemed that they weren't close enough to the farm.
Sam Septic was too far down to be seen by Jackaboy. Jackaboy was afraid that his best friend might be dead as well as afraid to jump down to find out. Jackaboy finds some rope and ties it to a tree near the hole. He ties the rope around him and jumps down. Jackaboy was halfway down when the rope tugged him to stop. The rope
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“Well, I did say you were going to have a skele-ton of luck today,” The short skeleton said, cracking a pun. Jackaboy and Septic Sam laughed at his horrible pun.
“Sans! This is no time to be sharing your ridiculous puns! Asgore and Undyne will be so proud of me!” Said Papyrus.
Jackaboy and Septic Sam laughed at the two. Suddenly, Papyrus cleared his throat..somehow without one.
“How very rude I must have been. I am the Great Papyrus! And this is my lazy-bones brother, Sans.” The short skeleton, that Jackaboy and Septic Sam now know as Sans, raised a hand with a “‘Sup” from him.
Papyrus and Sans took Jackaboy and Septic Sam through the part of the underground, called Snowdin. The four of them immediately became friends.
Septic Sam asked how he and his friend were to go back to the surface. The two skeleton brothers looked at each other and told the two boys the story.
There were many monsters stuck underground by the humans after a war created by a misunderstanding. Magic was casted over the underground to keep the monsters trapped. Deeper in the underground, there’s a barrier in the King’s castle. It takes a monster and a human soul or seven human souls to pass through. We’ve been trapped down here since the war ended and some of us have given up hope to ever get

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