Personal Narrative: A Listening To My Story

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Hello and welcome to my story. now let us begin now shall we? so it all started when i was born my parents were nice people when i was born one of the things they told me i did i used to run around and not do the normal things a baby was or should i say could be doing i would be able to have put on my own close and put on masks and i would find ways to scare my mom and dad to the point they just plain old fall down now this is where things got interesting my first day of school it was a tiny old school like any other but it had a very interesting boy coming to school that day my mom is super germaphobe so she does not like me riding the bus so she drove me.then it was so good i saw colors fun toys and most of all people at my age it was so exciting but yet frightening so then something happened it was fun it …show more content…
jerry was gone he ran away from the orphanage just before his mom got out people say it's our fault really our fault that he hit me broke my nose messed up my face for a long time and now my nose is messed up and since i was so little only 6 my nose was completely broken and it won't heal and know it looks like i have a big wart scar thing on my nose AND I HATE IT.but i have to live with it and it's part of me and it's now who i am but i do want to say i wish this never happened but time travel isn't a thing or is it? no i'm just playing around or am i ?.but so far we have had a good live the past 5 years within that time span im in 5th grade i'm a a b b c kinda guy for grades now my dad got a new job a teacher and he teaches me for lunch every day he eats with me on fridays is the best because that's when i get my favorite fast food mcdonald's of course people say or your so fat your ugly but my dad has other things to say to the parents and people tend to not make fun of me unless there parents just don't

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