Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience

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It was a misty morning; the sun was rising up before 5 AM I was struggling to wake up. I could hear a loud noise outside because of my dad was putting equipment in the trailer. My sister and I started get very excited because it was our first time going camping. My dad had finally finished putting things in the trailer, so then we all set off to the gas station to wait for the other families to arrive. There were over 5 families including us that were going camping. While we were waiting, my dad decided to fill up the gas and went to get snacks for the trip because it was going to be a long one. Cars came in and all the families came to the gas station. After my dad bought snacks, we all started to go to the location. A few hours later we all were halfway throughout the trip. My …show more content…
A few minutes later, I finally woke up and got dressed to go fishing. When I got dressed, I jumped inside the car to go fishing with my dad’s friends. My dad started to drive off. The fishing location was close by. We have all arrived and started to get out the fishing equipment. My dad had so many good baits that we all could use to get really good fish. Dad said the most common fish to get was catfishes and if we were very lucky we would be able to catch a shark. My dad helped me get the bait on and also helped me to chuck it in the water. A few minutes in my dad caught the first fish of the day, It was a catfish. The day went by to an end. It was the last day of camping and I wasn’t happy about it. By the end of the day overall we caught fifteen catfishes and one small shark which was caught by one of my dad’s friends. It was time to go back to the campgrounds. I was really tired so I skipped dinner and went to bed. It was really early in the morning and everyone woke up to put their equipment in their cars. We all set-off and went in different ways. I had an awesome experience and I will never

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