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  • Creative Writing Essay

    fabricate. Essentially, the audience in Creative Writing is unlimited. Since the subject, purpose, and audience being addressed in Technical Writing are limited to nonfiction, with the purpose of instructing or educating a technical or non-technical audience about technical subjects, the voice used to accomplish this goal is restricted. Clarity, brevity, and accuracy are integral to the voice being used in Technical Writing, especially when the writing addresses complex technical material

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  • English Creative Writing Essay

    On that last night I know its not only me who felt that but everyone wants to make it the best night because only at camp can we hear and sing these amazning songs. The songs we sing are songs you get knots for in your stomach. They are songs you would buy on itunes and listen to about 200 times in a day; but we know that we wont be able to do so we make the best of it. Looking around seeing everyone singing is funny. You see girls sweating, some girls crying, some girls really into it, and that

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  • Creative Writing: Eveline Essay

    Eveline walked into the hallway up the stairs to her bedroom turned the unpolished handle and entered. Her bedroom was unattractive. The walls were bare and stained from the damp and dirt. The floor boards were also bare and her bed which was situated under the window didn’t look particularly comfortable. Eveline lay on top of her bed and stared in to the moonlight, thinking about frank and Buenos Ayres. The very thought of having to stay in Dublin lay heavy on her

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  • Creative Writing Essay

    But secretly I long to be overpowered, to be sent back to the loft where I belong. And overpowered I am. The hands pin my feathers to my breast. In my desperation, my pecking beak draws blood. He quickly takes a firm hold of my neck too. All I can do is move my wide open eyes, which dart from side to side in fear. A scrap of paper is rolled tightly to my left leg. It weighs me down, but not by much. It’s secured as tightly as possible; it is this man’s last hope for survival. As I’m walked out into

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  • Creative Writing: Beautiful Essay

    “Is it yours?” “Y-yes, it is.” I reply, opening the cover. The dark pages of the beginning flash up at me. They used to be the same hue as the cover, but the cover has grown lighter with age. The bright, hot pink sticker with the word ‘Beautiful’ written in the scraggly handwriting of a twelve-year-old sticks out, and I find myself tracing the word over and over again. “Did Daddy write that?” Aspen asks. I laugh a little. Of course she’d ask. My husband is known for calling me ‘Beautiful’ and

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  • Creative Writing: The Machine Essay

    The boat had appeared on the horizon, still a few days from docking, it had shone like a long lost sunshine. As it approached, it had grown impossibly large, its shadow spilling over the Town, and something about the way it shined had altered. The lights on the ocean at dusk became less like sunshine and more like monstrous eyes. Antennae. Teeth. It gnashed in the water, foaming viciously. But it had come for them, and offered what nothing else had: escape. Milo was pleased it was hideous. That meant

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  • Nightmare - Creative Writing Essay

    It blocked everything else out for that single moment, it was all I heard. I suddenly felt like something was toying with me, trying to break me down. The chase was on. With that, my heart pounded like a drum playing out a tribal rhythm and I ran, ignoring the ache of my frozen body. The static broke through the air once more as I sped through it, it followed me, taunted me to no ends. Laughter full of dark insanity shuddered through the rocky hills, and "Aaah!" I felt the gritty sand give in

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  • Creative Writing: The Shadows of the Past Essay

    It’s like the magical touch of her heart takes me into a permanent romantic adventure that knows no end. ***** Jacqui arrived shortly before the dinner. My sisters and my mother have the same happy look to welcome my friend, for the first time. Yes, it was the first time I ever invited a friend home or doubtless, if Jacqui didn’t ask for it, I wouldn’t give it a thought to invite her. At first she refused to have a dinner with my family, considering the bruise on her face might be a question on

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  • Creative Writing: Dragon's Throttle Essay

    It’s the least I can do, ma’am.” After ten seconds of heaving breaths among us, I responded, “Yes, you were right. Phone calls can lead us into desperation. I nearly had a clash of the fenders with the car pulling out of its parking space. Honey, I’m calling you in about an hour when I get home.” “Sugar-lips, I’ll be waiting.” “If I’m not back in two hours, come and bail me out because this place doesn’t have a dull moment of angry shoppers. Massive retail conveys furious people.” His laugher

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  • Creative Writing: The Devil’s Lettuce Essay

    It’s 4:23 in the afternoon. The joint is a little less than half its original length. Ford pulls her iPod out of her backpack and shuffles through her list of artists when she hears someone shouting from behind. “Show me your hands!” Startled, Ford twists her body around to face the direction the voice is coming from. Four University of Pittsburgh police officers are approaching her with their hands on their holstered guns. For a second, she thinks there’s no way they’re talking to her. They

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  • Essay on Creative Writing- The Wounded Seagull

    Many times, Christina would dream of wearing long, frilly dresses like the other girls, walking gracefully down the aisle of the classroom, while her students buried themselves in her knowledge. Headmistress Queller became her mentor, and was always supporting the ambitious girl. She would encourage her to take an active part in class discussions, and also tried to convince the teachers of her extraordinary foresight. Soon, the teachers too began to recognise her plausibility. But then, after

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  • Creative Writing: Sisters in Hawaii Essay

    Is he really a instructor? Who is he? He just miraculously happens to have a slot open for me and my sister? OMG, what has my sister gotten me into?” After she is done gawking at the man she turns around and calmly starts walking towards me. After making sure that she is out of sight from the man she begins to giggle and jump up and down. “He has a slot open, can you believe that Tiffany? Isn’t that just fantastic? How do I look? Is my make up messed up?” “Calm down Janet. When you were

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  • Creative Writing: The Midnight Theft Essay

    On a rock was a young girl with peach hair resting on an ashen face. Her pallid arms were long and slender, but her legs showed some strength. On her graceful-like wrist rested a circlet of great beauty. It had an emerald encrusted with tiny diamonds on a simple gold band. My chin dropped as a voice came out of her mouth. "What motive brings you to me?" said the girl in a gentle whisper. "I have come to seek help in finding the Lost Jade Necklace of Serenity," I spoke with a bold and powerful

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  • Creative Writing: Ernest and The Sargeant Essay

    Ernest looked back down the lines. The soldier lowered back into the trench. “The fog is still to thick, can't see a thing,” he complained. Ernest acknowledged this with a thankful sigh. He hadn't expected him to get shot, but the snipers were unpredictable. He spread out the best he could in the cramped trench, and dozed off. He awoke as darkness approached. A sergeant stood next to him, giving orders. “You two, get to the rear of the trenches and carry the rations back here!” he bellowed. The two

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  • Creative Writing - English Assessment Essay

    No one has ever done that before, however, I was in a different situation I had two of my friends here and I knew that we could not give up because otherwise we would never see the life outside the fence again. The prisoners in here were saying things like ‘’Once you walk in, you never walk out.’’ It was the highest security prison in the world. My friends got back to normal again after they were able to go outside for a bit. We had to escape, we were the only sane ones in there, my mind wasn’t

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  • Essay about Creative Writing- the Lake

    My hair flapped in the wind, it sent cool shivers through my body like frozen water trickling down my spine. It was refreshing. If there ever was a moment in my life where I was free, it was now. I didn’t have to worry about a thing in the world. We arrived at the lake, the clouds glistened in the clear undisturbed sharp surface of the water. Without any hesitation, I insisted we put our bathers on before anything else. Unlike my skin, the air was bone dry. My clothes were clinging to my body, as

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  • Welcome Home Sylvia- Creative Writing Essay examples

    She looked out of the single pane windows and saw what seemed to her people with long, golden locks of strawberry blonde hair. She stood there for what seemed to her a lifetime just staring at all the people going past the house. “Mum” said Jack quietly and apprehensively. “What is it dear? Can’t you see I’m busy” She suddenly stepped out of her mesmerising trance and pretended to be busy making sandwiches. “Erm, are you comin’ in the cab to pick Syl…”

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  • Creative Writing Relating to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

    Prince Escales: Friar Lawrence you are called her today before this tribunal to explain your part in the horrific tragedy. Friar Lawrence: I am very ashamed with the shocking outcome of this situation and I now feel that it is my duty in this room here today to explain my part in the horrific tragedy as all of you here present today have a right to know what happened in the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Prince Escales: Well said Friar. I am now going to ask

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  • Creative Writing: Inn from Hell Essay

    It almost sounded like the Theme Song from "Barney", he caustiosly tip toed across the hall desperatly hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever is making that horrible noise. He opened the door and there standing right in front of him dancing around and singing songs like a fairy was a huge purple dinosaur. Right away the Dinosaur spotted the doctor and grabbed him by the arm and attempted to get him to dance to the theme song from "Barney". Scared to death from the words of the horrible song he decked

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  • Creative Writing: Memories of our Life Essay

    He’s downstream from me scooping up the bits I can’t hang on to and saving them away. He’s started taking pictures, which I don’t remember him doing before. Maybe that camera has always been blocking his eyes, turned at me whenever he’s in my company. I like his photos, and I like watching his finger press on the shutter and then watching a soft smile come to his lips in the shadow underneath the camera. I wonder if he knows he does that. He brings me so much; I’d like to think that the very least

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  • Please Don't Feed the Monkeys- Creative Writing Essay

    He had black eyes, as black as charcoal and whenever he gets angry they light up like fire and throw out sparks. He is very fat so when he gets excited or angry, his face goes red then purple, as if he were about to choke. Every time he does that, we all hold our breath and hope… We hope that he will choke to death then maybe we could live our lives in peace with nothing to worry about. We are all terrified of him :one of the reasons is because every time he

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  • Creative Writing Alternate Jack and the Beanstalk Essay examples

    She stormed off to her room, slamming the door behind her, and Jack figured that he would test what the man at the pawn shop had told him, “It works best if you rub one of the gem stones in the light of the moon.” Jack hurried off to his room, and waited until the moon light shined through his window. Jack was kind of hesitant at first, but was intrigued to find out what the key did, so without giving it a second thought, Jack rubbed the ruby… nothing happened. He decided that he was going to

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  • Creative Writing About Shutter Island Essay

    Instead, Teddy must run about, madly interviewing patients and accusing all and sunder to uncover the truth. Martin Scorsese goes for a two-fold approach to the atmosphere to Shutter Island. Mysterious and creepy. Unfortunately, this makes some scenes confused in tone, and many feel uninvolving. The whole time I felt I was watching a film, as opposed to being drawn into the story. If he’d gone for just one, then the film might have been a little more affecting. Though what he does get right is the

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  • Gothic Creative Writing Story Essay examples

    Her porcelain face pulsated in his thoughts with every movement, her enchanting lips romanced with his entire being. Itch, itch, itch. No longer were there shadows. Only blackness surrounded the peasant now as he clawed at the flesh of his forearms, pulling at the shriveled skin until blood oozed out the veins. Thrill. Every jolt of pain brought with it an eagerness that swarmed deliciously inside him. Little could he become accustomed to the sensation that menacingly expanded within

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  • Creative Thinking Essay

    creativity as a skill that is within every person’s reach, a skill that can be fostered and that is required in every activity that we engage in. For many involved in education, the promotion of creativity is of fundamental importance. With regards to creative learners, schools’ curricular choices can suppress creativity. A curriculum which is predetermined, compulsory and which is predominantly focused on the acquisition of knowledge and rote learning, poses challenges to the promotion of creativity.

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  • Creative Paper

    1). The challenge to resolve drug addiction among teenage boys is difficult, and it will take the dedication of parents, schools, and government official to help resolve this rising epidemic. The second stage of creative process is expressing the problem or issue. The purpose of this stage is to allow an individual to the find the best expression of the issue or problem, which is occurring. According to Rugerrio (2009) different expressions open different avenues of thought, and it is best

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  • Creativity and Creative Learning Essay

    characteristics of creative learning as – • Questioning and challenging conventions • Reflecting critically on ideas, actions and outcomes • Trying alternatives and new fresh approaches • Making inventive connections and associating things that aren’t usually related These characteristics and abilities have shown to lead to a sense of purpose, achievements of strength, talents and interests, self respect and a sense of belonging. Critically analyse how creativity and creative learning

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  • English CA: Creative Writing based on a Film: Lord of the Rings-The Two Towers

    A trickle of cold sweat dripped down his back like a drop of wax sliding down a candle. His breath was now coming in shallow gasps which echoed in the eerie stillness of the room. Mustering his resolve he began to move forward, with slow, shuffling footsteps, even deeper into the depths of this rotten pit. He had only taken a few steps when he froze. Something was moving behind him. Even without turning Frodo could feel the aura of malevolence emanating off of this thing-whatever it was- and encompassing

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  • Creative Industries Professionals Essay

    experiment, Dating shows, Talk shows and Hidden cameras “have pushed television culture – and television studies in new directions” (Murray and Ouellette 2004. 8). Recently we have seen the growing number of opportunities in which dancers can become creative. This is to attract the modern dancer to participate, which illustrates the ‘new direction’. And, because of

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  • Creative Thinking Essay

    environment and stimulus. Similarly, the organization culture of a company can encourage creativity. The clan and adhocracy cultures value flexibility, giving employees autonomy in their work. This allows them to take initiative and come up with creative ideas and solutions. Another obstacle that I encountered was that I was too engrossed in making the collage perfect. I was careful not to make any mistakes but that inhibited my ability to experiment with different arrangement of the images and

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