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  • Politics: The Importance Of Politics In The United States

    For over two hundred years, politics has been a great part of American society. It is the ethics applied to a group of people and tells how a society should be set up and how a person should act. Politics is a wide and complicated subject. It covers issues such as diplomacy, peace and war, government, law enforcement, rights and liberty. It exists mainly to better society as a whole. Understanding the political system is important because in order to make informed decisions, one has to understand the groups with the power and how it is used. For the effectiveness of a democracy, it is important to know and be aware of how power is used and against interests so that leaders do not become too powerful or corrupted by the special interest groups…

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  • Participatory Politics

    The role the federal government played in fostering participatory politics at the local level initiated when federal funds were given to city governments in Chicago as to “encourage citizen participation by establishing advisory councils, by holding public hearings on city programs, budgets, and legislation, and by asking for neighborhood input in physical planning” (Gentile & Simpson, 353). It is explained that the empowerment of people in participatory politics occurred through the…

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  • Polarization Of Politics

    Proposed Solution to the Polarization of American Politics The political division of the people of the United States has never felt stronger than it does now. After the result of the 2016 election, it feels as though half of our country feels completely betrayed while the other half is overcome with joy. This is not how the country should be. The polarization between the two main parties, Republican and Democrat, has reached a point that is becoming concerning for the near future. According to…

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  • Nurse Advocacy In Politics

    Retreat on Nurse Advocacy in Politics The AONE Nurse Executive Assessment Tool revealed I am a novice in serval areas related to knowledge and business skills. Knowledge is an essential asset to becoming an effective and influential nurse leader. According to Roussel, Thomas and Ratcliffe (2016) nurse leaders are obligated to “learn[ing] skills to lead and motivate Interprofessional teams [which] fosters collaboration and cooperation. An engaged workforce facilitates engaged patients through…

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  • Louisiana Politics Summary

    Specializing in Southern Politics, Elections and Louisiana Politics Dr. Wayne Parent’s analysis of the Louisiana carnival of politics is truly one to be taught for years to come. Parent effortlessly tells the sordid story of Louisiana and their often times corrupt political system. In a state where there has been more constitutions than any other in the union as well as having Napoleonic based law, Louisiana is clearly different. To dive into this minefield of diversity is a tough task and…

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  • Politics: The Power Of Media

    society’s political system. The media has vast power because just about all Americans get their news from the media. The media’s coverage can determine how Americans’ see the world and the media decides which issues are important and should be discussed. From the political standpoint, the media performs many functions important to the political process. The media not only reports the news, but it serves as the liaison between the people and the government. In politics, the media can either help…

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  • Representation Of Women In Politics

    The Effect on Women’s Representation Since it is established that the culture of a state has an affect on the overall attitude towards women in politics, the next question remains: what effect does this have on the proportion of women getting elected? As seen in Figure 1-Attitudes and Representation, “egalitarian attitudes toward women leaders are strongly related to the proportion of women elected to the lower houses of national parliaments (r = .57; sig. = .01)” (134). The diagram…

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  • Women's Representation In Politics

    “In the past, it was widely held that women were less political than men, if not apolitical. It was assumed that women had lower levels of interest in politics and lower levels of participation in political activities” (Childs and Campbell 3). However, recently feminist political scientists have found that there is “evidence of a closure of the traditional gender gap in voter turnout” (Childs and Campbell 3). Despite the fact that more women are voting, lack of political representation is still…

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  • The Importance Of Politics And Nursing

    Politics and Nursing The nursing profession operates under many strict government regulations and laws as well as facility-specific policies on an everyday basis. Many laws help to keep the nurses and their patients safe. The nurses’ involvement with politics begins the moment they begin nursing school. The very curriculum that nurses must successfully accomplish is the result of a political process in order to implement a standard for minimum education to enter the workforce. Nurses learn about…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Politics

    Women have always been sexualized in the media, which focuses more on the woman’s personality and looks rather than her campaign, platform and speeches. Even in historical times, there was a patriarchal society, where especially politics was seen as a male’s activity. With this historical context in mind, women were always oppressed and even with more women entering the field of politics, we still see predominately white males leading the governments. Within the past couple of years, we have…

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