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  • My Grandmother

    Allen is my grandmother, my mother’s mother. When I go to see my grandparents in North Carolina my grandmother she has a; great spirit, big on her Christian faith and despite her health challenges has amazing grit. My grandparents raised three children my mom being the eldest, my Uncle James and the youngest my Uncle Tony. The oldest, my mom, has three children me being the oldest, my middle sister who is fifteen Mya and my youngest sisters Michaela who is six. My Uncle James has two children, Darrius who is nineteen, and Elijah who is 4. Lastly my Uncle Tony with six kids and one grandkid on the way, Cory 20, Akera 16 (who is having a baby), Ashanti 11, Qumonte 10, Sanya 8 and Ayana 6. That is 11 in total. We all have a great and positive relationship because of my grandmother and my grandfather. When we talk to people we have a smile on our faces that will change the emotion on almost anyone. When someone would come into the house there is so much great hospitality. The family will take your coat, ask of you are hungry or thirsty and treat you like the most special person in the world. You feel like royalty. When I am on the phone with her one of the conversations would be; Grandmother: HEY!!! How have you been Melody? Melody: I am doing great, how are you? Grandmother; I am going super super super duper fantastic! She will light up your day and you will start smiling because you know you are special in her eyes. I believe that my grandmother,…

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  • My Grandmother Was A Great Grandmother

    my grandmother (far left) in the drive of great grandma’s house. Furthermore, my great grandfather worked at the Oil Well and he cut Christmas trees and painted houses. He never drove in his life; he would always walk to work. While, my great grandmother worked at the Oil City Hospital doing laundry for the nurses and she worked at a cigar shop called Bowers Store. She drove a Big Lincoln Town car and drove that car until she was 96, she then sold it to my uncle and he still has the car, which…

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  • My Family And My Grandmother

    comparing the differences between me and my grandmother. My grandmother was born August 21, 1942 in Rutherford, North Carolina. When discussing the topic with my grandmother, you could see it in her eyes. The smile she had remembering all the fun times she had as child, and how our life turned out. It was like entering this flashback of memories. We first discussed about her parents, and how she was raised. My grandmother was raised by her mother and father. Her father had past away a very…

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  • My Childhood Of My Grandmother

    teenagers. Growing up I had gone through a lot with losing family and friends so close to me but the one that hurt the most was losing my grandmother and my great grandmother the same year. Ever since I could remember both my grandmothers were always in and out of the hospital with fighting cancer, getting really sick, or breaking a bone. I never knew what was happening since I was so young. On my 15th birthday I was explained to about my grandmother only having 6 months or less because she was…

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  • My Homemother: My Grandmother

    such a small space: what I remember most, is the sound of laughter, and the smiles that surrounded me. My grandpa hollering because he cannot hear the television, my mother still drowsy from the sleepless night, My grandmother singing to the radio that was barely audible over the commotion, and me, invariably sat looking at all that surrounded me, enthralled at how lucky I was to have a heart so full. My family so different to most, but so beautiful to me, instilled in me such a strong sense of…

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  • My Grandmother And My Family

    My grandmother on my father’s side was Italian and Irish. Her mother was Irish and her father was Italian. They met in Boston and had three children, 2 girls (one being my grandmother) and 1 boy. My grandfather on my father’s side was Russian, as were both of his parents. Both families moved to Boston seeking a better life for their children. My grandmother’s family lived in the Irish part of town while my grandfather lived in the Russian area; they met and started dating at their high school.…

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  • My Father And My Grandmother

    My father went to high school between 1968 and 1972 in a town called Fowler, CA right outside of Fresno. I went to high school between 2010 and 2014 in Clovis. FAMILY COMPOSITION My father was the baby of three older siblings. First was my Aunt Mary who was 14 years older than him and passed away when he was 17 at the age of 30. Second is my Aunt Anne who is exactly nine years older than my father (they have the same birthday) who married her husband Fred when my dad was 15. She had her…

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  • My Grandmother In My Family

    The oldest living relative in my family is my Grandmother Lou on my mother’s side. All of my other grandparents on my mother and father’s side have passed on. I called my Grandma Lou and asked her about my ancestors. She proceeded to tell me about how we have a book that goes way back and traces our ancestors but, sometime admit the chaos of life, it has been misplaced. My Grandma Lou said she would tell me the most she can remember about my ancestors and hopefully that will do. He was french…

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  • My Relationship With My Grandmother

    for Thanksgiving, or having sleepovers at her house as a child, but my relationship with my grandma is so much more than that. 2. By stepping into the role of being the motherly figure in my life when I was only two years old, she has brought me so much joy. 3. When I was young, my mother and father left me to be taken care of by my grandma and grandpa; who then adopted me and became my legal guardians. 4. I consider my grandma to be more of a mother than a grandmother, and my grandpa more of…

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  • Short Biography: My Grandmother Is A Great Grandmother

    than what meets the eye. My nieces and nephews perceive my maternal grandmother as a great grandmother who is weak and wrinkled due to old age, but they have not seen everything she experienced in life. They have not heard all her stories which still inspire and amaze me today. They have not seen her in her worst days and how she emerged stronger. This is for them to know a bit more about her and be proud of her legacy. My grandmother who me and my cousins fondly call “ammamma” reached a major…

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