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  • Paper Matters

    Paper Matters: Commerical Printing Paper Selection Tips and Guidelines You may not think that paper choice for your printing project doesn 't make a difference. In actuality, choosing the correct paper can make quite the difference. Your paper choice can significantly affect the look and feel of your finished product. However, when it comes down to choosing the correct paper you are often faced with an overwhelming number of paper products to choose from. This is why choosing the correct paper can be very confusing for many. There are literally hundreds of options available, and that can make it difficult to select the option you really need. Do you need assistance in choosing the correct paper for your print project? If so, check out our…

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  • Paper Book Are Better Than Paper Books

    I know that trading in our paper books for digital versions will cause some problems. Paper books are easier for students; they cause no temptations, better for health, and no battery. They also the cost of the digital versions, have them on the go, easy to see in sunlight, and easy to carry around. There are so many reason why paper books should not be thrown away and be replaced with digital books and here is why. To start with paper books are easier for students and they cause no…

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  • Paper R Us: Choosing The Right Paper

    Here at “Paper R Us” we look to supply our customers with the right paper for the right cause at an affordable price. Choosing the right paper for the right audience is important because paper is the key part of a document, and choosing the right paper can make the difference of getting your document read and getting your document thrown aside. When considering what type of paper to print your document on, consider the most important factor of who is the intended audience for which you are…

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  • Ambiguity Of Paper

    In chapter nine I also learned how to properly write a introduction type of paper. How to actually create a strategy to form a good thesis and introduction paragraph. The key is the delivery to get the audience's attention and want to continue reading the passage. You can give the same information just from changing the worldly up a little bit. Most of one section in the chapter talks mostly about theories, mechanism, confirmation. The confirmation is weaker than the verification because the…

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  • Peer Reflection Paper

    After all the time and energy spent on writing papers and reading responses, it all boils down to a grade and set of skills that can be carried in the future. I started out the year with a decent skill in writing receiving an average grade, by my standard, in the first paper, Literacy Narrative. It was the first paper that I ever felt proud of, which I attribute to the use of multiple drafts compared to just submitting the first. I capitalized on the use of peer reviews as it can be challenging…

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  • Origami Research Papers

    introduced me to a paper crane. I was very fascinated by it and decided to take it upon myself to learn more origami. Personally, I enjoy origami and I think it will benefit myself and others who share this passion or just want to try something new. My 3 main questions for my passion project are: what is origami? How can I instruct others interested in creating origami? How will this benefit others as well as myself? Origami is a proven way to develop mindfulness and concentration which I will…

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  • English Reflection Paper

    always said that the papers they assigned were held to college standards, and I always did well on those assignments, but I was still unsure about this course. I expected this course to be loaded with reading and writing assignments that would make me pull all-nighters on a regular basis. After going through English 106, I realized that there were not too many assignments and that I learned a lot from each one. To me, the most salient parts of this course were the discourse community paper, the…

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  • Paper Towel Case

    Statement of the Problem I noticed that some paper towel brands had similar claims so paper towels will be used in equal measurements to absorb water placed on a flat surface. The goal is to discover which brand will leave the cleanest surface. 1. Most paper towels are made from paper pulp which is extracted from wood or fiber crops and also virgin as well as recycled paper pulp. 2. Paper towels were first made from Arthur Scott out of a cart lode full of rejected toilet paper turned in to…

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  • Psychology Reflection Paper

    ---------------------------------------------------Pages 2-4 This is a paper I wrote for Psychology 100. The paper is based off a case study that we participated in as a class. Before being prompted with this paper, I was tasked with watching a video followed by a series of questions about the video. These questions were testing the memory of the study’s participants. The data was then consolidated and I had to analyze it. This piece demonstrates my ability to write in different genres and use…

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  • Effective Research Papers

    Writing an Effective Research Paper Research papers may seem extremely difficult, but with a few simple steps it is not as bad as you may think. When writing a paper it takes three major steps that are typically broken down into smaller categories. Be sure not to stray away from your topic of choice as you begin to write. Also, use things such as “Stylics, in-text citations, and references” (Lee, 2014). If executed correctly, you are certain to have an effective research paper. Now, pay…

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