Paper Book Are Better Than Paper Books

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I know that trading in our paper books for digital versions will cause some problems. Paper books are easier for students; they cause no temptations, better for health, and no battery. They also the cost of the digital versions, have them on the go, easy to see in sunlight, and easy to carry around. There are so many reason why paper books should not be thrown away and be replaced with digital books and here is why.

To start with paper books are easier for students and they cause no temptations. Just like studying it is easier when you are using your hands on a paper book. Digital books will cause eye damage and could cause headaches. Using paper books will restrain from this form of damage and your brain will process the information better.
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The costs of the digital devices not only are expensive but you also would have to buy the book off the device. Yes you do have to buy paper books indeed, but the price is much lower than the cost of the digital device you are buying. Also, there is no need to actually buy the books; you can just go to the public library or school and borrow a book. Yes, it is know that digital devices would be easier when you’re on the go and not at home or someplace sitting down, but I know it’s not. When you are walking around an doing something or you aren’t home and your out it means you’re busy. If you are busy and you are trying to read a book you are not going to comprehend it enough to actually know what is going on in the book. These digital devices make you think having them you can read book on the go, however it is actually very unsafe and your brain won’t process it. If you are on the go or walking while reading you can collide into someone or get hit by a car if crossing the street while looking on your digital devices. Paper books are better because yes you can bring them on the go, though you most likely won’t be walking and reading, you will actually be using your free time while waiting for something to read it. By doing this you will interpret the information. Paper books are not going anywhere and it will stay like

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