My Family: The Definition Of Family

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To some people the definition of family is very standard: a mother, a father, and a few children. My family was far different than that, with the clashing of three different families into one. We never saw each other as half or step, we only saw each other as family. Family isn’t made from entirely blood and nothing else. Family is loving one another regardless of the mistakes, conflicts, or anything in between. Our family fit the definition of all of this and then some. Even though our biological parents couldn’t step up to the plate and take care of us, we were fortunate enough to have someone who would.
Now, I am not saying that growing up my home was absent father figure because that was not the case. I had a wonderful father who provided
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However, my dad is a very understanding person and couldn’t agree more with my reasoning for doing things. I was very fortunate to have parents who were on my side one hundred percent of the way. Tracking down my potential biological father was easy but getting him to meet up with me was not. For the most part, the communication only happened between him and my mother. I was not a part of any of it, but my mother kept me in the loophole. Although his reasoning for not wanting to talk to me was reasonable, he didn’t want to establish a relationship with me until the DNA test results came in, it still threw me off a bit. Let’s just say it was an early warning sign for what was to come. Another huge warning sign would be the fact that after almost a month of trying he was still reluctant to even participate in the DNA test. This was the whole reason he wouldn’t say a single word to me. Of course, this was frustrating so we decided that although it would cost us more money, we would just buy his kit ourselves and mail it to him. My parents could see how hurt I was, and they believed my happiness was more important than a few dollars. All they wanted for me was the closure I had been …show more content…
But how could I not? When the DNA test came back as positive it revealed a whole new life for me. I had siblings I never met, grandparents, cousins, and a father. My expectations were through the roof! I had always wanted a little sister, and I found out I had one named Marisah. My hopes were to establish a relationship with her and everyone else. We met that weekend and my hopes were shot right back to none. My father didn’t even attempt to get to know anything about me or let alone have a conversation with me. However, this was the first encounter we ever had so I decided to give them all a second chance. Second chances don’t always lead to redemption. I met his family a few weeks following our first encounter, and it was terrible to say the least. Me being a shy person led them to believe I was just a rude person in general. They didn’t even take the chance to get to know me or approach me for conversation. My feelings were hurt by the words they were saying about me because none of it was true. I never had people who I was supposed to consider “family” belittle me to the point where I was nearly in

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