Family Dynamics In My Family

Family Dynamics When I was nine years old my brother died, he was eighteen. I will never forget the day it happened and I will never forget how it changed my family. It changed my family in both bad and good ways. After someone dies it’s hard to see anything but the bad ways that it has affected your life but sometimes you start to notice things that have changed for the better that came from it. After my brother died my parents became much more overprotective of me, my brother and my sister. They were more protective of me than my brother and sister because I was the youngest and the only one still living at home. My mom was usually the one home because my dad still worked out of state for a short period of time until he could find a job …show more content…
Before my brother died my dad had been working out of state and would be gone for up to 6 months at a time with out coming home. Sometimes we would go visit him and we could call him whenever we wanted or needed but it still wasn’t the same. Once my dad moved back there was a big change in our family. At first it was difficult like my parents were learning how to live together again and get used to each others routines. For a while there seemed to be more fights then I was used to but now that I’m older I realize it’s just that my dad wasn’t home often so so I just never really heard them fight. Once they had both gotten used to everything things were great. My dad was home to watch me play sports, to visit my bother and sister, and to help my mom with things she couldn’t have done on her own. While there are a lot of good things that happened after my brother died I’m sure everyone in my family would agree that we would trade it all to have him back. We all know that’s not how it works and are grateful that we all get to be together and learned to cope with what happened. Sometimes when there is a death in the family there is a change in family dynamics. Both good and bad things can come out of it but the most important thing is making sure that you are all there to support each

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