Communication Patterns In Family

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Register to read the introduction… Communication Patterns: a. Extent of Functional and Dysfunctional Communication (Types of recurring patterns): Family consists of two teens and a single mother. Majority of communication appears to be functional, courteous, and productive. There have been moderate episodes of moderate aggression between son and mother. b. Extent of Emotional (Affective) Messages and How Expressed: Emotions are freely expressed and received. c. Characteristics of Communication within Family Sub-systems: Communication appears to be healthy. During meal times there is active exchange of ideas and each member is given equal time to participate. d. Extent of Congruent and Incongruent Messages: Both the mother and the teens appear to have the majority of their communication be congruent. However, Mother at times tells her daughter I love you but I don’t like you sometimes. Ha Ha e. Types of Dysfunctional Communication Processes Seen in Family: Occasionally observed parent led communication that limits child participation and input and at other times, the teens appear not to engage in any communication. f. Areas of Open and Closed Communication: The majority of the communication in this family is open as evidenced by the free exchange of …show more content…
Power Outcomes: The mother has the final word on all decisions within the family unit. i. Decision-Making Process: In this family, all members are heard and a group vote is done. The mother reserves the right to over ride the group decision. She feels she needs to j. Power Bases: The power base is diverse due to the individual family member assertiveness. k. Variables Affecting Family Power: The variables affecting the family power are ages and two different sexes with in the family. l. Overall Family System and Subsystem Power: The family system is made up of the elements of each member. Each member lends there characteristics to the family dynamics. 20. Role Structure: m. Formal Role Structure: The family uses a formal role structure where the mother is the head and the children are active participants. n. Informal Role Structure: Is not used often in this family. o. Analysis of Role Models (Optional): Grandmother is a strong role model for all the family. Youth pastor is a strong role model for teens. Social media (Lady Gaga) is a moderate role model for Daughter, cast of (Sons of Anarchy) mildly positive role models because it causes so much positive conversation

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