My Life Of My Family

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My family consists of four people; mom, dad and two sisters. My dad, named Pablo was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA including all eight of his siblings. My dad would make frequent trips to Tijuana, Mexico for visiting family. My mom, Rebeca in the other hand had fifteen siblings. My mom was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. My parents met through a friend and sure enough thy fell in loved. Although, my dad had a previous marriage and had two children. Through the years they decided to get married so my mom came to US for the first time to live in Los Angeles, CA. At that time my dad worked for the company DHL as delivering mail and my mom worked as a hairstylist. On 1988 my big sister was born in which they …show more content…
As she grew up my parents moved about three times, including Bell, Downey and Whittier. In 1995 I was born, Angelika Michelle. When I was born I was very small, with light colored hair and with a light complexion. My mom was speechless of how different I was to my big sister. She was stunned that she even told the nurse that they confused her baby. Nurses had to proof to my mom that I was her daughter. My mom tells me this story all the time. In 1997 my little sister is born named Stephanie Lindsay. As time passed by it was time for me to start school. I started going to an Elementary in Whittier, CA to which I only finish up to third grade. After that my parents had a bizarre idea to move out of state. Still up to this point I don’t know the reason why we moved. We moved to Somerton, AZ which in near to Yuma, AZ. But I never knew that only my mom, my sisters and I would be the only one moving, not my dad. My dad stayed in CA because my dad had good job and in Yuma there are no good jobs. My dad did it with a good intention, to support his family but we were all were affect by separating that …show more content…
Stephanie and I we were younger so we weren’t so affected by the whole moving out but Yaneth was. She and I are seven years apart so she was in high school when we moved out of state. Somerton is a small town and it’s about ten minutes away from Yuma which it would be the city and Somerton also Is about fifteen minutes away from Mexico. Yuma is known for the sunniest place on Earth. So basically we came from a city like Los Angeles to a desert like Yuma. Coming from Los Angeles where they build houses as close possible to Yuma where our house had five acres. I couldn’t believe we had all that land was for us to play. The good thing is that my mom’s sister lived in Somerton so I had cousins in AZ but I’ve never meet them. We all began school and sure enough I started fourth grade and my I had one of my cousin in the same class. She was really sweet and comforting; she would show me around school and be with me all the time. Through time I kept loving Yuma more and more. Also, we meet our neighbors and one of our neighbors had animals like horses, donkeys, goats, peacocks, emus, chickens and many more. After school my sisters and I would run to the neighbor’s house to play with the

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