Personal Narrative: Growing Up In The Military

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Growing up, having a parent in the military was kind of tough. Having to pack up everything and move. Especially when that parent was relocated to a new base. I 've settled down for a few years, not up and moving or anything. As soon as the service in the military was over and my parents had divorced I was right back up moving around. Moving from house to house, school to school, making new friends every time.
I was born in Anchorage, Alaska in December 1996. My father joined the military in july of 1997. His very first duty station was located in virginia, when I was only one years old. My mother 's family from virginia, so I got to meet some of them. We only lived in virginia for only a few months, when my dad was transferred to new jersey. My younger brother was born in new jersey. We lived there for 2 years , then my parents decided that my mother should go back to school.
My mom, brother and I , moved back to alaska as my father stayed in new jersey. My mother had just finished up college, when my father was being transfered to another duty station. We joined him in Washington state. My little sister was born in Washington. We lived there for two years. I started kindergarten while we were living there. After Washington, my dad was transferred to california.
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My father finally found a job in Florida. Being in florida, I began to feel a little down, from missing my mother and having a new step mother. We lived in Florida to 2015, when my dad decided to move back to Texas. I graduated from high school, before he decided to move. As we all were packing up getting ready to move, my dad decided to send me back to Alaska, to attend college. I was kind of scared to fly by myself for the first time. I had mixed feelings, when flying back up there, like I was happy to see my mother and grandparents again, but I also wasnt ready to be back in the cold, and I will definitely miss my younger

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