Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To Orlando, Florida

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When I moved to Orlando, Florida, I was twelve years old. I did not know what to expect when it came to the Orlando weather, their school system or their people. My mom called me one day when I was on my way home from school and told me we would be moving, at the time I did not know where we were moving to, but I knew I was not going to be okay with moving away from my neighborhood friends who I have been friends with since the second grade. Once I came home, the majority of our house was already in boxes and I refused to pack any of my belongings because at the time I did not want to accept the fact that we were moving to an entire different state.
Three days later, my sister, my brother, my mom and I were boarding a plane headed to Orlando.
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To my twelve-year-old self, I was convinced that she wanted to move just to get back at my father for splitting up our family and not getting that financial support she use to get when they were together. I would call my father every day begging him to take me back home because I did not belong in the “Sunshine State”. A few weeks later my mother enrolled me into Avalon Middle School. On my first day, I sat alone at lunch which made me hate Florida more than I did before I moved here because in Massachusetts, my lunch table was filled with all of my friends and sometimes the table was filled with people me and my friends did not even know. The second day of school I made a friend named Camila. She was in my history class. She was a very sweet, bubbly girl, the complete opposite of me during that period. She asked me to join her and her friends for lunch. When we both sat at the lunch table, she introduced me to her friends and for the first time in the two days I was in Avalon middle, I forgot about my friends back home because I was laughing and meeting new people, something I was never use to. Later that day, I went to my math class and I made another new friend that had just moved from New York and her name was Brianna. Our bond grew quickly over our hatred of having to move and start fresh.
After visiting Massachusetts for about the tenth time, I realized that a lot of my friends were drifting and they were doing things for themselves while I was in Florida miserable and depressed. When I returned from Massachusetts, I took it upon myself and decided not to be so closed minded and look at the bright side of moving which was having the opportunity to start fresh. Once I changed my mind set, that was when I realized that making new friends and living in a new state was not as bad as I thought it would

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