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  • Unified Soil Classification System

    were used to identify and classify soils for engineering applications. The data were tabulated using Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) method, which is non-laboratory test and 2 classification of soils based on laboratory test. The two laboratory test classify soil methods are Classification of soil based on particular size distribution and Classify soil based on Atterberg Limits. The soil samples from sites known as bore hole and called BH1, BH2, and BH3. I.b. Problem Description Sustainable Earth firm commissioned to conduct a feasibility study for an earthwork project that includes the construction of an earth dam. The…

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  • ALS Classification

    The first category, Sporadic ALS, is the most common form of ALS in the United States, and ninety to ninety five of all cases in the United States fall under this classification (The ALS Association 2014).This type is also known as Classical ALS. This type is characterized by a combination of UMN and LMN problems and occurs in about two thirds of people that develop this disease. People who develop Sporadic ALS did not develop it through inheritance. The second classification of ALS is known as…

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  • Pluto Classification

    seem to be broad and different, I believe they have an important similarity, and that is classification. As humans, we have the tendency to classify everything around us, from the universe we live in to the society where we reside and the culture we practice. However, the way we classify knowledge can differ from person to person. In this universe, humans have the need to classify new knowledge in…

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  • Weightlifting Classification

    Everyone wants to be healthy, whether one were to attain this goal by dieting or high intensity cardio there are always the select few that delve into the unforgiving world of weightlifting. Within weightlifting there are four main types of gym junkies,the meatheads,the crossfitters, and the fitness models. Each classification of lift is done by intensity of the exercises and diets. The meathead also known as bodybuilders are understandably categorized as a lifters that typically focuses on…

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  • Schizophrenia Classification

    Description and Classification “What is schizophrenia? The America Psychiatric Association defines schizophrenia in its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV(DSM-IV) as a disorder with active symptoms for at least 1 month, consisting of delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, grossly disorganized/bizarre behavior, and/or a lack of organized speech, activity, or emotions. Usually at least two of these sets of symptoms are present. The illness, with a prodromal stage…

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  • Bumblebees Classification

    The bumblebee is an insect belonging to the Apidae family, a subcategory branching out from the Anthophila clade. The bumblebee belongs specifically to what is identified as the Bombini tribe of bees, this tribe consists of large apid bees that commonly feed on pollen or nectar. The Bumblebee belongs specifically to the Bombus genus classification. Bumblebees require an ambient amount of flowing plants in their habitat. Flowers play a prominent role in a prosperous bumblebee habitat, this is…

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  • Classification Of Gamblers

    assignment to write a research paper on a social group. I choose gamblers. I had to analyze this group of people and give common characteristics, define and describe their personality, mainly, why they do what they do? Gamblers share many of the same characteristics such as their social class, their age, and what drives them. However, gamblers behavior is a result from social, psychological and biological concepts that define them and socially classify them as “gamblers” For starters, their…

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  • Essay On Informative Classification

    useful to the situation. This applies to the classification of people as well. All classifications fit into two broad categories: informative and divisive. In regard to society as a whole, the most beneficial kind of classification is informative; thus, the least beneficial kind is divisive. To give a better idea of what each category essentially means, they each must be more clearly defined. Informative classification will be defined as a way of categorizing people factually and objectively…

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  • Classifications Of Homosexuality

    Sexual Orientation has been a mystery for many. Some people believe that sexuality is biological and others believe it is a choice. Whether it is a biological given or your own free will, there is still countless hate targeted towards this subject. In the 1990’s researchers at the University of Chicago established three criteria’s to be homosexual: 1. Sexual attraction to the same sex. 2. Sexual activity with one or more of the same sex 3. Identifying oneself as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.…

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  • Antagonists: The Classification Of Antagonists

    This essay illustrates the classification of antagonists according to their characteristics. The classification of antagonists is divided into two main categories, receptor antagonists and non-receptor antagonists. In receptor antagonists, it would be divided into competitive antagonists and non-competitive antagonists. In non-receptor antagonists, divided into chemical antagonists and physiological antagonists. In different categories, there are different examples to support the feature of the…

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