Weightlifting Classification

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Everyone wants to be healthy, whether one were to attain this goal by dieting or high intensity cardio there are always the select few that delve into the unforgiving world of weightlifting. Within weightlifting there are four main types of gym junkies,the meatheads,the crossfitters, and the fitness models. Each classification of lift is done by intensity of the exercises and diets.
The meathead also known as bodybuilders are understandably categorized as a lifters that typically focuses on physique more than their overall strength. Often doing higher repetitions of lower weights they build up their already massive biceps, triceps, and shoulders. To attain those herculean-like arms, bodybuilders must diet 6 months out of the year. Most meals are made using all organic foods that are pre-cooked and are sorted by breakfast lunch and dinner for two weeks straight. Paired with that diet is a strict regimen of supplements and pills that some would call borderline drug abuse. Some may mistake the meathead for the crossfitters but they are a totally
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The physique is much like that of a meathead but without the twin big rigs for legs and arms. Dieting works very much the same yet, is less intense by preparing less calorie rich meals ahead of time and using an acceptable amount of supplements. Instead of bulking by consuming profuse amounts of pasta and lean chicken breast, gym rats use intermittent fasting and carb counting to attain their six-pack dreams. Gym rats run so much that one would think it was a gold medalist track star who had a membership at their gym instead of the self-centered minimum wage college dropout that actually goes there. The level of intensity is still not up to par with crossfitters but is still more than the meatheads will do in their

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