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  • Recycling Landfills

    Problem: Recycling is an over popularized issue that is often pushed to the side. For example, the city of Granbury does not provide, require, or promote recycling in any way. The city treats recycling as an option and not a necessity. In 2009, the United States produced enough trash to fill landfills with the weight of “88 million cars”. 161 million tons of this trash was “recyclable materials” that were later recovered. Each year numerous amounts of paper, bottles, electronics, aluminum, steel, and glass are thrown away instead of recycled. Every time an item is placed into the trash that could be recycled, a chance to save money and reduce landfills is wasted. Without recycling we produce endless amounts of trash and debris. Landfills are dirty unappealing eye sores that produce toxins and pollute the environment. The United States alone has 13,000 landfills. 10,000 of…

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  • Disadvantages Of Recycling

    As we grow older, we often feel the need to give back to our mother. That is how we should feel towards Earth. It has given us everything we need to survive, so we should protect it to the best of our abilities. The task of recycling is simple, yet…

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  • Benefits Of Recycling

    Successful recycling requires not only participation from the public, but also students. The importance of campus recycling is to preserve the limited quantity of resources that are used to produce common university materials. It’s every student’s responsibility to be informed about the demand of materials they use daily, and the current ways those materials are being reused and recycled. Recycling has become one of the most important movements that promote sustainability for our environment and…

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  • Pros Of Recycling

    blinking an eye, although the green recycling bin was a foot away from the trash can. You agree the economy and society are going downhill, but what you may not have realized is throwing away that glass bottle just leads to pollution and contributed to that overwhelming landfill. Recycling is such a simple step with so many positive effects. Humans need to start doing simple things to make the world a better, liveable place. As the world and society progressed people began to not care,…

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  • The Benefits Of Recycling

    Recycling is something everyone has heard of, but does anyone really know what it means to recycle. By definition, to recycle means to convert waste into reusable material. It is said that recycling can help the environment by using less virgin materials to make new things. It is said the recycling can help reduce the amount of pollution and help preserve the Earth. This can also save the nation thousands and help keep the earth heathy. Recycling is taught to us as early as elementary school. I…

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  • Commercial Recycling

    Some states are already creating strict laws. Rhode Island has created a law that says 80% of packaging that businesses use must be recycled (In the Bin). I think that sets a good example for the other countries and we should have similar laws. The only measly law that Missouri has is “It is illegal to discard a motor vehicle battery of other lead-acid battery” (recycling Laws Map). This is a step in the right direction, but it still is not good enough. We need better and stricter laws, and…

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  • Misconception Of Recycling

    The misconception of recycling is, does it really work? When you take out your trash, do you take the time to put the paper with the paper, the glass with the glass? Does your neighborhood or town or village even have a recycling program? Without knowing what it is or how you throw away your trash, don be fooled to believe that it wont work for the people around you, and the people of the future. It takes some time to recycle, it can be painstaking to get started, but does recycling help?…

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  • The Effects Of Recycling

    effects of livelihood. They could not also realize the consequences in the future negatively. Those fallacies generally become the concern for environmentalists and other people. I am also one of students who have sought the activities that could help the society reduce environmental problems. Therefore, I had a great opportunity to participate volunteer event as “Recycling (Do you even recycling?)”. The environmental center or E-center in University of Colorado boulder created the event of…

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  • Recycling Argument Essay

    Recycling protects the environment by reusing old paper to reduce the amount of trees that are cut down. Again, industrial waste is the main source of pollution. Recycling industrial products cuts out a huge amount of pollution. Recycling has many other benefits besides protecting the environment and reducing pollution. It reduces energy consumption, global warming, and the amount of waste in landfills. Recycling is also judicious and promotes sustainable use of resources along with creating…

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  • Recycling In North America

    In this essay I will be discussing my research findings on the positive impact recycling has on the environment of North America. . Recycling has always been advocated in various ads in television, schools, and posters all over North America. Recycling is the process of collecting things that would usually be garbage and converting them it into reusable material. Recyclable material can be found in things we buy everyday such as a soda can, plastic container, newspaper, etc. The quantity of the…

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