Pros Of Recycling

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You go to throw away some paper and pop cans with not even taking a split second to think, you toss it in the trash. Tossing them in the garbage without blinking an eye, although the green recycling bin was a foot away from the trash can. You agree the economy and society are going downhill, but what you may not have realized is throwing away that glass bottle just leads to pollution and contributed to that overwhelming landfill. Recycling is such a simple step with so many positive effects. Humans need to start doing simple things to make the world a better, liveable place. As the world and society progressed people began to not care, polluting and ruining the planet they call home. Over the years the place you called home air has turned toxic, the beautiful land now holds room for landfills, and energy sources have decreased. Recycling is simple thing that has decreased over the years. What us as humans do will have consequences, whether …show more content…
Everyone believes that recycling is good, and they know the benefits of recycling but they still don’t do it. Many people who don’t recycle say they don’t have enough time. Recycling takes just as much time as throwing something in the trash. Most places even have local recycling pick-up; where they pick it up for you. It shouldn’t matter that it takes time to recycle, because you are benefiting yourself, your community, and your environment. Another excuse why people don’t recycle is the “cost”. But individually recycling only cost in your sanitation bill for the pick-up, which is the same for garbage. Tax money also goes to both recycling, and landfills. Recycling generates revenue to help pay for itself, while incineration and landfilling do not,” (Saint Benedict 's). Although there has been parks built over landfills, it doesn’t mean that will be able to happen every time. Building anything over a landfills will take time for the garbage to

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