The Misconception Of Recycling Essay: Does It Really Work?

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The misconception of recycling is, does it really work? When you take out your trash, do you take the time to put the paper with the paper, the glass with the glass? Does your neighborhood or town or village even have a recycling program? Without knowing what it is or how you throw away your trash, don be fooled to believe that it wont work for the people around you, and the people of the future. It takes some time to recycle, it can be painstaking to get started, but does recycling help? Recycling has been around for thousands of years. Different formats of recycling have existed, but the purpose was ultimately the same. The first to take on this daunting task of the future were the Japanese. These people learned to recycle the paper as soon as they started learning how to use it. Japanese culture generally treats recycled paper as being more precious than new and the recycled paper was often used in paintings and …show more content…
The allied nations urged its citizens to re-use and collect materials to include paper, tin, rubber boots and even kitchen fat. The kitchen fat itself were in the manufacturing of explosives. (CITYLAB). While the campaign itself kicked off, it didn’t ultimately change the way people thought and acted as a whole, it did however lead to a small change which could be contributed to the success of the Allied nations during the war. In the early 1970’s pollution became a national epidemic for America, so much that Public Service Announcement’s littered the broadcast channels. Starting with the “Crying Indian” which showed a panning out frame of a polluted waste land that this Native American called home. Much to do about nothing for adults, the children were shown a commercial with Woodsy the Owl cheering the slogan “Give a Hoot! Don’t Pollute!” (Sustainable Brands) While the early onset of pollution and waste created a thirst for the fix, it still took some

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