Misconception Of Recycling

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The misconception of recycling is, does it really work? When you take out your trash, do you take the time to put the paper with the paper, the glass with the glass? Does your neighborhood or town or village even have a recycling program? Without knowing what it is or how you throw away your trash, don be fooled to believe that it wont work for the people around you, and the people of the future. It takes some time to recycle, it can be painstaking to get started, but does recycling help? Recycling has been around for thousands of years. Different formats of recycling have existed, but the purpose was ultimately the same. The first to take on this daunting task of the future were the Japanese. These people learned to recycle the paper …show more content…
Starting with the “Crying Indian” which showed a panning out frame of a polluted waste land that this Native American called home. Much to do about nothing for adults, the children were shown a commercial with Woodsy the Owl cheering the slogan “Give a Hoot! Don’t Pollute!” (Sustainable Brands) While the early onset of pollution and waste created a thirst for the fix, it still took some time.

On the 22nd of April, 1970 the first “earth day” was created. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin believed that we had only one Earth and we needed to take care of her. The creation of this day stemmed from the lack of care for the earth within Politics and the current media. On this first “Earth Day”, more than 20 million citizens nationwide attended local festivities that day. These events spurred education and knowledge on how to correct the misuse of trash and how to circumvent pollution. These acts and this day led to the Clean Air Act and Clean Water
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Earth Day is now celebrated throughout the world and its anniversary is witnessed by a total of 193 countries today. (Earthday) With all the advertising and talk amongst people, recycling itself became a money maker for some but more of a movement by others. Countries like the US may still have its troubles getting people to reuse its products and recycle its waste, other countries became more vigilant by establishing laws that have since motivated people to throw away its rubbish

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