Recycling Landfills

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Problem: Recycling is an over popularized issue that is often pushed to the side. For example, the city of Granbury does not provide, require, or promote recycling in any way. The city treats recycling as an option and not a necessity. In 2009, the United States produced enough trash to fill landfills with the weight of “88 million cars”. 161 million tons of this trash was “recyclable materials” that were later recovered. Each year numerous amounts of paper, bottles, electronics, aluminum, steel, and glass are thrown away instead of recycled. Every time an item is placed into the trash that could be recycled, a chance to save money and reduce landfills is wasted. Without recycling we produce endless amounts of trash and debris. Landfills are dirty unappealing eye sores that produce toxins and pollute the environment. The United States alone has 13,000 landfills. 10,000 of …show more content…
That is 35 billion plastic bottles that could be melted down and reused for a fraction of the energy required to make new bottles. Only “25% of the plastic produced in the US is recycled”. Recycling bins distributed to every house in Granbury, filled with just plastic bottles alone, could save over “30 cubic yards of landfill space.” By selling recycled materials, communities can offset the cost of waste disposal. Recycled glass, aluminum, and paper can be used to create extravagant art pieces, such as mosaics and sculptures, that can later be sold for a profit. Recycled aluminum costs half as much as “fresh aluminum”, and recycled steel costs 25% less. Recycling makes sense because of the mass amount of money saved. Recycling boosts the economy by creating jobs and generating income. Lately, the United States as a whole has been in a poor economical state. Adding recycling in a small town would create jobs for local citizens. As for generating income, recycled materials can be sorted out and reused for a

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