The Benefits Of Recycling

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Recycling is something everyone has heard of, but does anyone really know what it means to recycle. By definition, to recycle means to convert waste into reusable material. It is said that recycling can help the environment by using less virgin materials to make new things. It is said the recycling can help reduce the amount of pollution and help preserve the Earth. This can also save the nation thousands and help keep the earth heathy. Recycling is taught to us as early as elementary school. I can remember having a class discussion about pollution and the many different kinds there are. We were taught how pollution is negatively affecting our grate world we live in and that if we recycle our things and reuse what we already have we can help …show more content…
Between 1983 and 1993, there were forty-six major explosions and fires at chemical plants that produced plastics and oil refineries. These events ended with 446 injuries and sadly 89 lives lost. Facilities that produce some of the most substantial public health threats are the ones processing crude petroleum into plastic cups and other good for consumers created by the oil refineries and plastic production facilities. Allen Hershkowitz says “In 1994 alone the 1,834 plastics production facilities operating in the United States emitted more than 111 million pounds of toxic air emissions, 507 million pounds of production related wastes, tens of hundreds of pounds of discharges to surface waters and hundreds of thousands of pounds of other pollutants releases” This shows how often this is happening and puts into perspective how bad this is for the environment. He goes on to say that the plastic industry is second only to the chemical industry in generating toxic releases that damage the ozone layer, which makes a lot of sense given the previous information (Hershkowitz). Some may say that transporting the recyclables contradicts that act of recycling by providing more air pollution from the trucks used when transporting is but according to Hershkowitz “It is wrong to argue that pollution from recycling vehicles in urban areas is greater than pollution from trucks and infrastructure dedicated to garbage collection and disposal. At worst, recycling trucks and infrastructure may produce the same amount of pollution. It is more likely that diverting waste to recycling processing facilities tends to cause less pollution than garbage collection does.” This just shows that recycling vehicles may in fact be better for the environment that garbage collection vehicles. It goes on to say “Any added pollution that might be generated by a recycling program would result from additional trucks

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