Why Should Recycling Be Mandatory?

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In the US, where recycling makes people want to clean their cities, states, and country. Other people think that recycling should not be established because it takes too much effort. America would become better if recycling is mandatory. The argument about this topic would be that recycling programs should be mandatory in the US because it will remove trash from landfills, it is successful for cities to be kept clean, and it would help save energy on making new materials. Many recycling programs keep trash out of landfills. In Fort Hood, Texas where a US Army is helping by making more recycling programs, minimizing the waste in the landfills to zero and achieving this by 2020. The Net Zero Waste program is part of Fort Hood, which will reduce the amount of waste and has been over the past years by reducing 20 …show more content…
One of the cities of the US that has been changed by recycling programs is Portland, Oregon. Portland rejected the plan to pick up trash every week and switches it to every two weeks, which increased the amount of green waste, lawn cuttings, some backyard waste and adding some food debris to every week. Portland’s goal was to change landfills from having too much waste and turning the city into a compost society (Millman). During 2012 this city collected around 13,000 tons of house garbage this was less from the earlier year, which was 23,000 tons of garbage at the same time it helped the city reduced waste landfill by 44 percent (Millman). The city managers are expecting to save money from the green waste, lawn cuttings and back yard debris up to 40 dollars per ton, which they think is cheaper to process than the regular landfill waste. The green waste goes to the San Francisco based Recology followed by the food debris. After that, people bake the materials under tarps and make the city’s organic waste into an absorbent dark soil that the local growers can use to plant and grow crops

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