The Importance Of Waste Management In Anchorage

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INTRO With the rise in climate throughout the State of Alaska creating problems especially within the rural villages, the city of Anchorage is in the heart of most of the energy production, as well as the North Slope Region. From manufacturing, natural resources in oil to creating energy from all forms (hydro, solar, wind, etc.), a solution to produce more energy for the city of Anchorage is essential. Energy production is the most crucial element when it comes to creating power and resources for any city, especially in Anchorage. Companies such as Chugiak Electric and the Municipal Light & Power provide power to homes and companies throughout the Anchorage bowl and surrounding towns. Energy productivity is monitored from how much energy is produced and how much is used. If you take greenhouse gas emissions for example, energy is used but the outcome brings a negative outlook from groups such …show more content…
We as citizens have been very thoughtless when it came towards waste management, especially food waste. Luckily, the city has stepped up and created recycle plants that not only take plastic goods, but non-ferocious waste and metals6.
Again, the recycling plant is a great start in reducing waste management. The only issue is that some of the products cannot be taken at the Anchorage Recycle Plant. The city should create a mass recycle production plant that’ll not only take plastic goods and non-ferocious metals, but to take in bags, and other goods that the public garbage will not accept. Another is to reform the Anchorage Landfill as the area itself is rolling around in solid waste and being piled upon and stacked. The solid waste itself creates not only a foul odor, but it contributes to inflicting damage towards the climate.


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