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  • My Ideal Self

    In my opinion, self-concept is composed of three things: self-esteem, self-image, and the ideal self. Self-esteem is our perception of personal worth, how much we value ourselves, and like or dislike ourselves. Self-image is how we physically see ourselves, it is influenced by different factors in our lives such as parents, friends, siblings, the media among many more, self-image is not always true to reality but can be distorted by our minds. The ideal self is who we will like to be, our self-concept is greatly influenced by our ideal self because our ideal self is who we will like to be and depending on how close we are to archiving our ideal selves will determine if we have a positive or negative self-concept. Self-image is determined by the way that we look, our traits and the roles we play in society. In my case, my physical self-image is determined partially by how I see myself in the mirror and basic characteristics that have remained the same through my life such as height, eye color etc. The other half of my self-image is determined…

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  • My Self Schema

    Self Schema Paper I have always believed myself to be a hard-working, financially responsible, and intelligent person. I believed that this was how children were to be raised until I was put into the position of being a step-parent. The role of the non-custodial step-parent is to be a supportive parental figure without imparting any developmental input, and was highly difficult for me to accept and adapt to. My family of origin held a non-traditional structure within the era in which I was…

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  • My Self-Study

    December of 2015, I have been eating out, which has impact my income and my overall health. In my self-study, I decided to chart how much money I was wasting by eating out, how much I was wasting by eating at home. I also started learning how to cook and monitoring what I put in my meals. I have found that I am saving a great amount of money. I am also learning how to cook. I do not feel as guilty eating because I know I am making better choices. The body gets addicted to junk food. Once the…

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  • My Self Assessment

    goal (Kelly, Tazbir, 2014). I always find these type of self assessments difficult because it 's hard to justify a true assessment with primarily questions, without actions or history to justify the outcome. I will do my very best to be completely transparent as I feel it will give me the most realistic self-assessment. While completing parts one and two of leadership characteristics and skill assessment I have to remind myself there 's no right answer but the questions have a tendency to have…

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  • My Self Reflection

    Introduction In this essay I am going to be giving my self reflection. For every paragraph I am going to be putting the question and what number paragraph it is. Paragraph 1 Question Why Did You Chose These Pages? There are many reasons why I chose these pages, but here is a few. First of all, x word helps me with learning the words and so I can use them in conversations with people. Second of all, the new bone model helps me know how the bone looks in my own drawing, and what is in it. Of…

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  • My Self Assessments

    I found these self-assessments interesting; some things I already new about myself while others I really didn’t consider or realize that I need to improve on. This assessment was based off of my time working at Michaels Arts and Crafts and my time going to the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD) and I overall found possible solutions for problems. When going through the 21st Century section it gave an idea of what I am ready for in the workplace and what might need improvement. Some…

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  • My Self-Concept

    My Self-Concept Paper Just from being in my communication, class for a while now I have noticed that one of the most significant concepts in communication classes in my generation is self-concept. Self-concept defines as our beliefs, attitudes, feelings and values. It is who we are and what we stand for during our lifetime. Self-concept is a fittingly stable set of perceptions and emotional states. It is the way we see and understand ourselves, and contributes to how we perceive ourselves…

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  • Essay On Peak Performers

    I totally agree with the finding because it explains my personality. I 'm the type of person that 'll support someone and show how what ever it is that they need, I will place their need before my own. I 'm a very fair and respectful person. I rather help any way I possibly can to uplift the next person 's spirit. When ever a person needs or wans anything, I fight debate with myself different outcomes on how to help someone else in their situation. I can apply this information to create self…

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  • Tommy Boy Movie Analysis

    the counselor to see people as characteristically good. In the movie, Tommy Callahan is presented as an innately good character. He displays characteristics of care, positivity, and trustworthiness throughout the entire movie. Even after Tommy gets bullied several times, he gives the bullies the benefit of the doubt and continues to see the good in those people. A counselor should not have trouble finding Tommy as an innately good human being. This type of counseling also begins with a view of…

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  • St. Louis-Boston Transportation Security Administration Analysis

    I travel the St. Louis-Boston air route on an almost weekly basis. At times Boston Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stops me. Every time I am being stopped, I end up exhausted, confused and even a bit shaky. As I get prepared to cross the TSA security checkpoint the rush starts. I tend to feel somehow naked. A sensation I believe might be shared with those who actually did strip naked to show TSA screeners that they were not carrying a bomb, as John Brennan did in 2012. Once all…

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