Disadvantages Of Recycling

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How will our planet look about ten years from now? How about a hundred years from now? Envision yourself living in a polluted world with a scarcity of natural resources. Our environment is crumbling more and more every day because people fail to recycle their recyclables. 161 tons of recyclables are in waste streams of the US, which would generate about seven billion dollars. Earth is our mother; she provides for us without asking anything in return. Some days we hurt her, but she continues to help us survive. As we grow older, we often feel the need to give back to our mother. That is how we should feel towards Earth. It has given us everything we need to survive, so we should protect it to the best of our abilities. The task of recycling is simple, yet …show more content…
Recycled products are not only cheap, but fragile: “[they] are always not of durable quality” (“Disadvantages of Recycling” para. 2). They believe that such items are mainly composed of trashed waste, which is why the items are not durable. What these people fail to understand is that it is not necessary for the products to last that long. The whole point of recycling is to preserve materials instead of generating more materials. By using recycled products, we are able to conserve a decent amount of raw material, even if it is only temporarily. By using recycled products we are capable of conserving more energy than the energy used to create a newer version of the product itself. Additionally, recycled products reduce the amount of waste that piles up in landfills. Recycling old and waste products into new products decreases the amount of waste that go to landfills. This helps to reduce water and land pollutions, as landfills are a major source in the increasing destruction of our natural environment. Recycling programs successfully prevent seventy tons of waste from being deposited into landfills every

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