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  • Music And Music: The Importance Of Music Education

    accordance with the book Who needs Classical Music, Johnson holds to the view that musical literacy is undeveloped; music education is far from comprehensibility and neutral ; focusing on immediacy is not a way to understand artworks. To a large extent, I agree with him because there is a phenomenon of people seeing music as more of an entertainment that provide them immediate enjoyment than taking it seriously and understanding it through a comprehensive way. Johnson compares literacy of reading with musical literacy. People have strong belief that the development of literacy is pivotal in the full development of an adult, that they put so much emphasis on how their children are being educated and through what reading materials, so as to ensure their children have mature understanding of themselves as well as the…

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  • Jazz Music: Music Analysis

    Free is the sound we make and judge is what minds do. I have been learning how to improvise on my guitar for almost a year now through the methodologies of jazz music, in which improvisation plays an integral role. Being able to express our thoughts through music is wonderful, and though all musicians express them through the compositions they make and the music they play, there is a particular joy in being able to convey your thoughts into sound with immediacy that attracted me to this…

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  • Music Essay: The Importance Of Music

    The Importance Of Music Music a vocal and instrumental sounds joined to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. The sounds, music produce impact us in powerful ways, not even language barriers can stop the music from reaching it’s target audience. Music gives us a sense of belonging, shapes our culture, and have messages which can influence our views on certain topics. Music has the potential to change our moods, shift an atmosphere, and can encourage different behaviors.…

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  • Music Analysis: Gamelan Music

    Gamelan Music (Gam-a-lawn) is the traditional ensemble music of the islands of Java and Bali in Indonesia. These ensembles consist largely of percussive instruments. With different variations of gongs, mallet instruments, and drums, each instrument is struck with a mallet to produce a metallic/percussive sound. Each Gamelan Ensemble has a different style and can incorporate different percussive instruments, string instruments, and voice. This gives each Gamelan a unique texture. Gamelans…

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  • Music And Rock Music Analysis

    Introduction Ever since I was a little boy, I was surrounded by music, which gave me a chance to get to know many different music genres such as opera, classical music, pop, rock, and more. I have always been inspired by different styles of music, and the primary person responsible for that was my father. Although he passed away in November 28th of 2005, he lived long enough to transmit his experiences in the music industry and the positive way he perceived music. He was a very talented…

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  • Renaissance Music Vs Baroque Music

    Music faced a major breakthrough during the Renaissance and the Baroque Period. It became an important part of the people’s lives. During the Renaissance most of the music were sacred music which basically means religious music. Along the sacred music secular music was beginning to flourish, and musicians started playing music in different places like courts and towns. Town musicians played music in feasts, weddings, and religious…

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  • Music: Humanly Organized Music Analysis

    proposition, which states that “sound are organized into music by people; Thus, music is a form of humanly organized sound”. I don’t believe that music should be defined as humanly organized sound since music means differently to different people. Music can be any kind of sound, as long as the one listening to it considers it as a form of music. First of all, I believe any sound that an animal makes alone is a form of music. In the book, Bakan thinks that only when a human being uses a given…

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  • Stockhausen's Music: Western Music Analysis

    The beating sound of helicopter blades is often perceived as noise; however, Stockhausen utilizes helicopters as the primary instrument in his “Helicopter String Quartet”. This utilization of unique sounds manipulated by technology is what sets Stockhausen apart as an innovative composer of the 20th century. Stockhausen’s music often seems to better resemble noise rather than music when it is first heard. However, it is due to his deeper understanding of sound and new methods of composing that…

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  • Music: The Main Driving Force In Music

    Music is composed of many different elements that together give feeling to what we hear. These elements include rhythm, beat, accent, meter, syncopation, tempo, pitch, dynamics, tone color, overtone, scales, melody, harmony, texture, tonality, and mode. Just like with chemical elements, combining musical elements will create something new and exciting, and different combinations will give something distinct to the music. All sixteen elements mentioned are equally important and together…

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  • The Importance Of Music Education In Music Schools

    wouldn’t have torn his ACL. That is why sports are dangerous. That is why music education is a vital part of schooling and should take precedence over sports.…

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