Difference Between Baroque And Baroque Music

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Music faced a major breakthrough during the Renaissance and the Baroque Period. It became an important part of the people’s lives. During the Renaissance most of the music were sacred music which basically means religious music. Along the sacred music secular music was beginning to flourish, and musicians started playing music in different places like courts and towns. Town musicians played music in feasts, weddings, and religious services. The Renaissance in music started from 1450 to 1600. The printing press was invented during the Renaissance. Music was printed using a printing press. The printing press had a major effect in spreading music, because it was cheaper and reached more people. The baroque period started from 1600 to 1750. Two of the most famous musicians and stars of the Baroque period were George Frederic Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach. To me, they were the fathers of the Baroque period, and with their …show more content…
Opera is a drama sung to orchestral accompaniment. The Opera was a fusion of music, acting, poetry, dance, scenery, and costumes. The text or libretto of an opera is written by a librettist, and then the text is set to music by a composer. Operas are serious, comic, or both. The Operas are based on ancient Greek myths, so the characters are Gods, emperors, dukes, servants, priests, prostitutes, peasants, clowns, and etc. The Opera was invented in Italy. At first a group of intellectuals gathered regularly in Florence, and decided to create a new vocal style based on an ancient Greek tragedy. The texture of the Opera is homophonic. The oldest remaining opera is the Euridice by Jacopo

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