Renaissance Music Vs Baroque Music

Music faced a major breakthrough during the Renaissance and the Baroque Period. It became an important part of the people’s lives. During the Renaissance most of the music were sacred music which basically means religious music. Along the sacred music secular music was beginning to flourish, and musicians started playing music in different places like courts and towns. Town musicians played music in feasts, weddings, and religious services. The Renaissance in music started from 1450 to 1600. The printing press was invented during the Renaissance. Music was printed using a printing press. The printing press had a major effect in spreading music, because it was cheaper and reached more people. The baroque period started …show more content…
Composers of the early phase showed more interest in homophonic texture rather than polyphonic texture of Renaissance music. By the time of the middle phase, Baroque music spread all over the countries of Europe. During the late phase polyphonic texture returned to favor. Most of the Baroque music that we hear today is from the late phase. In the late Baroque period instrumental music became more important than before. In the following paragraphs, I will compare and contrast the music of the Renaissance and the Baroque period in details.
Vocal music was more important to Renaissance composers, because they thought that it improves the meanings and emotions of a piece of music. People’s interest in language was another reason too. Renaissance composers used word painting to create musical representations of different poetic images. For example, a descending melody was used to create a representation of descending words from heaven,

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