Music Essay: The Importance Of Music

The Importance Of Music

Music a vocal and instrumental sounds joined to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. The sounds, music produce impact us in powerful ways, not even language barriers can stop the music from reaching it’s target audience. Music gives us a sense of belonging, shapes our culture, and have messages which can influence our views on certain topics. Music has the potential to change our moods, shift an atmosphere, and can encourage different behaviors. Music varies in genres like rap, rock, and RnB to appeal to different people. Music is very important to a family and culture because it helps shape their identity, and represents their passions through vocals and instruments. Music plays a very important role in my life and culture I’ve
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My parents are from Africa and have a different culture to others. Although I was born in Africa I wasn’t there for very long so I cannot remember the culture and what it’s like over there. In order to make up for the culture I couldn’t experience because of moving at a young age at times I’ll tend to listen to the music they play in my parents ' country to get a better sense of their culture and to expose myself to different types of music. As a result, I’m able to relate to the culture of my people a culture I define as one of my own and it helps create a sense of belonging to my African culture. Listening to music my friends listen to and some of the mainstream and popular music help me understand their culture so I can connect with a bit more and gives me an idea of the culture that comes from popular artists. I tend to watch anime also which has a plethora of Japanese music which helps me understand the type of music and culture Japanese people enjoy and listen to. Overall music gives me a better understanding of different cultures around the world, giving me an appreciation of other cultures and culture

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