The Influence Of Music On African American Culture

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Music was there for me. Music has always been there for me. When I needed someone the most, it was there to fill the void. In the dark, when I couldn’t see myself or the people in front of me, music was the light. Living with mom in such a hazy world and in a literal sense, I don’t remember half of it. I only remember feeling so lost and empty. But I feel complete around music and people involved in music. Almost as if they are closer to family then kin-blood itself. Although music is developed and influenced by many different cultures, the collective group of cultures and people in music, create a culture in of itself. Blues and Jazz roots run deep into American History, clear back in 1600-1800’s; when slavery was a customary thing. African Americans working all day in the fields singing spiritual hymns with heavily syncopated rhythms, creating a style of music that was initially disliked called Ragtime. There laid the foundations for Blues and Jazz.
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“Artists from Elvis Presley to Chuck Berry created their rock and roll using the musical influences of boogie-woogie and blues, along with jazz.”(2) Elvis and Berry used these cultural influences from Jazz and Blues to create new interesting sounds that fascinated young listeners, ultimately contributing to their great success as a musician in the

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