Advertising: The Characteristic Elements Of Four Adverts

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Register to read the introduction… Magazine 1 is the Farmers Weekly from October 2012, the target audience is the male farmers of all races and ages in Southern Africa. My goal is to show the characteristic elements of 4 advertisements from the publication.

Advertisement 1.

Advertisement 1 is for “Farmtrac” the company that develops and sells tractors to the agricultural sector. Characteristic elements of this advertisement are: * It contains claims such as “World Class technology for maximum productivity”, “Powerful engine for exceptional pulling power”, “ADI* for low fuel consumption” and “Comfort maximum driving ease & control” these claims are backed up with a factual approach with the advertisers showing that they have achieved the ISO 9000 standard accredited by the Dutch Counsel for Certification, and they have achieved the ISO 9001and the ISO/TS 16949 accredited by the TUV Management Service. * It contains a slogan “Nurturing those who nurture the
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Advertisement 2

Advertisement 2, is an advertisement for an ”MSD Animal Health” product line called “AMITRAZ” this product line deals with cattle dips and preventative measures against ticks, and pests on cattle, goats, sheep, and ostriches. Characteristic elements of this advertisement are: * This advertisement makes use of the brand name “AMITRAZ” which is a popular name in cattle farming for the treatment of cattle pests. * The advertisement uses the factual approach by identifying individual products in the product line and detailing what each product is and what each product can do for you (as the consumer). * It contains a slogan with the last product “TAKTIC - Tried... Tested... Trusted...” * It comes with a proof in that the product must be on the shelf, and if it not you may call a number - 0828051623

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The characteristic elements of the advertisement are: * This product makes factual claims, saying that it “Improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks in just 28 days*” This is proven when the recipient reads: “*Based on a clinical study” . The product also makes use of the emotional approach by saying that “Justine Tissue Oil” is “The original and still our best” This statement appeals to people’s emotions by making this product seem homely. * This advertisement indicates what action the recipient should take should they want to purchase this product, at the bottom of the advertisement it reads: “To purchase Justine Tissue Oil, contact your Consultant today or call 0860 10 23 45” This advertisement also makes reference to the company’s website and facebook feed.

Advertisement 3

Advertisement 3 is for “PHEDRA-CUT LIPO XT”, which a product from the supplement company “USN”. “USN” make supplements for all shapes and sizes of individuals, this particular advertisement is for women who feel they are out of shape. The characteristic elements of this advertisement

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