Strengths And Contrast Study: Heron Engineering

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Register to read the introduction… • Competition faced by Heron Engineering Western European markets 65% Central and Eastern European markets 35%

High-technology systems £42,250,000.00 Low-technology products £22,750,000.00 exporting Low-technology products £22,750,000.00 High-technology systems £12,250,000.00 exporting COMPETING WITH


Strong in high-technology systems Weak in low-technology products

Strong in low-technology Products (lower price) Weak in high-technology systems


Competitors strengths and weaknesses WE Competitors key strengths CEE – – Strong in low-technology sectors; Lower price.

– – – –

Strong in high-technology systems; Willing to customise their oferings to meet customer requirements; Providing a wide network of sales ofces throughout Europe; Lower price.

Competitors key weaknesses – – – High-technology compettors' products ofer less functonality and productvity; Low-technology compettors produce only crude, simple products with far less functonality; Compettors of high-technology systems are priced
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3.5 Strategies Herons' strategy is comprised of the following approaches to product, price, promoton, and distributon. Product: • Customer perceived value: to clearly communicate the benefts of its products across all its marketng channels in WE and CEE; • Customization: to customise its high-technology products to meet customer needs, especially that Heron's products provide more functonality and productvity than compettors; • Features: to add new features and enhance functonalites of its high- and low-technology products; • Warranty: to ofer extended warranty on its high- and low-technology products. Price: • Reduce price: to undercut its rivals' prices on high- and low-technology products; • Discount price: to ofer new distributors an entcing discount for their inital stock order; • Payment facilities: to provide atractve fnancial payment packages for its high-technology systems in CEE market, e.g. 15 per cent upon delivery and the remaining to be amortzed over 36 or 48 months. Promotion: • Update and expand the website: to ofer discounts, best deals, e-voucher, to increase sales and encourage the use of webshop. The website should feature an online assistant to assist customers; • E-marketing: to add “web analytcs” to the website in order to know the list of users who visit

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