Porter's Competitive Forces Model

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Register to read the introduction… __________ involves the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, which are internal factors; and opportunities and threats, which are external factors.
a) Strategic analysis
b) Business performance
c) Operational planning
d) SWOT analysis
40. Price wars or other fierce reactions by competitors are examples of:
a) strengths.
b) weaknesses.
c) opportunities.
d) threats.
41. According to Porter’s competitive forces model, there are five major forces in an industry that affect the degree of competition. Those five forces impact:
a) sales.
b) profit margins.
c) marketing.
d) expenses.
42. FedEx and UPS have ISs that are difficult to duplicate and very expensive. Those ISs:
a) create barriers that reduce the threat of entry.
b) increase the threat of substitute services.
c) decrease bargaining power of customers.
d) increase bargaining power of suppliers.
43. __________ involve the purchase of materials, the processing of materials into products, and delivery of products to customers.
a) Supply chains
b) Logistics
c) Primary activities
d) Support activities
44. For most organizations, if their computer networks go down, __________.
a) social networks are used
b) data centers are used to store data
c) so does the business
d) business continues as
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Discarded PCs and other computer equipment are waste disposal problems.
54. IT no longer creates challenging ethical issues because practices such as employee e-mail monitoring and unrestricted use of customer data are accepted as necessary or legal.
55. Strategy planning is critical for all organizations, including government agencies, healthcare, education, military, and other nonprofit and not-for-profit ones.
56. During SWOT analysis, there is usually agreement among managers because SWOT analysis is objective, forward-looking, and data-driven.
57. According to Porter’s competitive forces model, Apple, Microsoft, and auto manufacturers have strong bargaining power as suppliers because their brands are powerful.
58. Rivalry among existing firms in the industry is a competitive force that is most likely to be weak when entry barriers are low; threat of substitute products is high, and suppliers and buyers in the market attempt to control.
59. Sabermetrics is the mathematical analysis of baseball player batting and pitching performances.
60. A batch system is an IS that provides fast enough access to information or data so that an appropriate decision can be made, usually before data or situation changes.
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