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Cram has partnered with the National Tutoring Association (NTA) to provide access to all of its current members. Follow the steps below to start your complimentary premium access today.

Frequently Asked Questions

I entered my name and zip code but it says my account is not found. Why is this happening?

Are you a new NTA member? We receive member updates every 30 days so your name might not be on our current list. If you'd like access sooner, please contact the NTA here. They will confirm your membership with us and we will be able to provide you complimentary premium access.

What if I'm already a Cram member?

Great! If you're a premium member, you will no longer be charged for your account. If you're a free member your account will be upgraded at no charge.

Do I have to provide my credit card?

No. As long as you're an active NTA member your account is free.

How long do I have access?

You will have complimentary access to Cram premium for the entire duration of your membership with the NTA. If you cancel your NTA membership but wish to keep your premium account with Cram you will need to purchase a premium subscription to avoid having your account downgraded.

Can my students use this site?

Absolutely! We have both free and premium accounts where they can create, edit, study and share flashcards for school.

Have additional questions about Cram? Go to our full list of FAQs here.