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  • Persuasive And Argumentative

    Persuasive or Argumentative Did you know that since 2008 the federal government spent almost $700 billion dollars of taxpayer money to bail out companies (“Bailout Tracker,” 2016)? The government has used this money to give to companies that are failing or were about to go bankrupt. This is a small group of people deciding what businesses get the money and stay in business and which ones don’t. The money comes from us, the taxpayers, and it shouldn’t be used to support failing companies. It is a waste of our money and can be used for better programs that benefit all the people not just a few. Government bailouts shouldn’t happen and companies that can’t succeed without government assistance should fall to the hands of the free market. The federal government has allocated billions of dollars to over 900 companies through the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 or TARP (Times, 2016). In a section of this bill it states that some of these companies are to repay the funds received and then that money will be given back to the taxpayers (Times, 2016). However out of the few that have supposedly paid back the money what has been done to benefit…

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  • Breastfeeding Argumentative Analysis

    when writing an argumentative essay, first the writer needs to gather all the information needed to start the essay. The writer needs a topic to begin with like for instance, why breastfeeding your newborn baby is more substantial than bottle feeding. With a topic as this, this would make a great argument because so many nursing moms and new moms would have a different opinion for each one. Let’s just say that this is the topic for the essay, the writer would need to have a reasoning to back up…

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  • Argumentative Essay Tobacco

    After rereading my past argumentative essay, I noticed key grammatical and structural errors that, if fixed, could assist me in the future. This argumentative essay lacked a strong thesis, reliable sources, and a sense of order of importance. The argument was to push the United States to make the silent killer, better known as tobacco, illegal. The essay reflected on key factors that were in favor of banning tobacco. After my grandmother died of lung cancer, I began to become an activist in the…

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  • Classroom Argumentative Report

    The next chapter touched on teaching argumentative essays. I find that argumentative essays take planning and an outline. Another thing that helps, is knowing your audience. Knowing who your audience is helps to know how much explanation you need to put into the essay. My last paper in high school was an argumentative essay. We had to come up with our own topics and then went through the process of collecting sources. My teacher did a mini lesson on how to site our sources and it truly helped.…

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  • The Purpose Of Argumentative Essay

    There are three topics that I would like to discussion and share with you all for the purpose of the Argumentative Essay. Including, parents should allow kid to draw on wall, video game should be use in class, or writers should be allow to state the facts about our historical event on textbook. The topics that I want to write for the Argumentative Essay would be the writers should be allow to state facts about our historical event on textbook. As a high school or college students, we all require…

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  • Stoker Argumentative Fallacies?

    Argumentative fallacy 's can be seen in everyday life from talking with one 's mom to speaking with their boss, the trouble is identifying these fallacy 's and being aware that they do exist and can affect oneself and the person they are speaking to. Being able to know the difference between an ad hominem and straw man could be the difference between winning one 's argument. To begin with, two quite opposite articles have been provided that contain a central claim about the Iraq war. One of…

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  • Argumentative Letter As An Assignment

    When I received the Argumentative Letter as an assignment, I was dissatisfied by the strict structural requirements of the assignment. However, I soon realized that these requirements placed actually made it easier for me to start writing my paper, something I usually have trouble doing. Some other positive attributes of the assignment were being able to write about gun control, a topic I feel strongly about, and learning how to properly and politely argue with someone. There were several…

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  • Gralla's Argumentative Essay

    Argumentative Article Essay In “Step aside, Windows! Open source and Linux are IT’s new security headache,” Preston Gralla is examining how hackers are beginning to target open source softwares more than in the past. Gralla points out that Windows is still the primary target of attacks, “nearly 99% of them targeted Windows” but also argues that open source software attacks are on the rise. Gralla provides an ample amount of credible information to back his claims. His use of ethos, pathos and…

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  • Electroconvulsive Therapy Argumentative

    Electroconvulsive Therapy among depressed patients: argumentative essay Introduction and Background Electroconvulsive therapy is controversial issue and had ethical issue since its discovery about its practice over the world and that vary from country to another, whereas it has unknown mechanism of action and adverse effect, so there is ethical dilemma to practice in the world whereas, that used to treat depression prior discovery of pharmacotherapy , on the other hand had legal…

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  • Argumentative Essay Football

    In my argumentative essay I defend why football is a dangerous sport and should be avoided with young children ages 6-12. My previous essay used data from secondary sources and primary sources, however supporting my stance with only words was a challenge. Without visual and audio elements I felt I had trouble communicating with the reader. My remediation into a prezi uses a combination of videos and images to present the consequences of playing football. To support my claims I use evidence from…

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