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    preparation of first or second language learners for further study at university or IELTS. The unit assumes that the students have their own argumentative essay topic for the course they are undertaking. The unit is built around one particular type of argumentative essay. It is important to understand that there are many other ways of structuring argumentative essays than the one proposed in this unit. However, the structure outlined here has proved to be very effective in giving students a clear,

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    When we show that we are reasonable and open-minded, readers are more likely to listen to our point of view. Organization of Argumentative Essa11s There are several ways to organize an argumentative essay. You can use a block pattern or a point-by-point pattern. The outlines in the following chart show these two possible patterns. Block Pattern I. Introduction Explanation of the issue Thesis statement Point..:by-P.oint Pattern I. Introduction Explanation of the issue, including a summary

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    The best idea is to choose essay topics that really matter to you. You have to have the strong personal opinion on the topic you are planning to discuss in your argumentative essay. Argumentation is a crucial skill in life. People in the media, business, academia and politics constantly use argumentation styles to persuade viewers and opponents over to their side of an issue. There are many different aspects of argumentation and many different categories of argument styles. A person may adopt one

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    As a member of society, we should strive for its advancement and we will never be able to do that by lying. Lying only leads to more lying, and the circle is hard to escape from. For example, when I was young, my allowance was insufficient for me to spend. Because of this reason, I told a lie to my mother to get much money. At that time, I framed up that I needed some money to buy books. She gave some money, and I bought a lot of comic books by using the money. After a few days, she called me and

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  • Globalization Argumentative Paper

    (3, Conclusion) Globalization allows businesses to share ideas and understand foreign economies so that we know how to market and sell products in foreign countries effectively. Globalization on a business level can be very beneficial to a company. It can allow companies to communicate more effectively with their customers and suppliers while getting products out in a timely manner and with ease. Products can be outsourced to foreign countries at a lower cost and will benefit foreign economies

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  • Argumentative Essay on Cervical Cancer

    It’s estimated that if a woman’s cervical cancer is diagnosed by a Pap smear, rather than before symptoms appear, she has a 92% chance of a full recovery. If she waits for signs of disease before going to the doctor, her chance of survival drops to 66%. More than 70% of women who die from cervical cancer have not had a Pap smear within the last five years. It’s recommended that all women between the ages of 21 and 60 have a smear test every three to five years, although if a woman

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  • Argumentative essay steve jobs

    I agree to this quote as, after further research, Jobs was only the man bringing the products to the people, he did lead the company however never played a role in new products. The question remains why is Steve Job’s death been overrated. I think this is because of wrong information. If you ask anyone who Steve Jobs is they’ll either tell you, Apple’s owner or the Inventor at Apple. Neither of these is correct. Of coarse Apple’s products are immensely popular and millions use the products but that

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  • Argumentative Essay on Gay Rights

    However, some people argue that same-sex marriage would be tolerable if they were confined to their own communities. That way the general public would not be “subjected” to their practices. How incredibly ridiculous does that sound? Gay people are not lepers. We as a country cannot isolate a faction of the population and force them to live in designated areas. This idea parallels the concept of moving all the Native Americans onto reservations. Thinking such a thing is outdated and regresses back

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  • Essay about Argumentative Tattoo

    As this generation slowly continues to accept more than what had been accepted back in the day, tattoos are continuing to be applied to people of many different ages and careers. The legal age to get a tattoo in the majority of our country is 16, so with parents who are lenient with their children, and let them do what they want can Daniel Harris Linda Knight ENG 111-HY1 Tattoos in the Workplace For many years, tattoos have been looked down upon as identifiers of troublemakers and jailbirds

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  • Argumentative Thoreau Essay

    There would be no trust or companionship. In times when individuals would need each other’s help; there would be no sense of alliance. Everyone would be against one another, because everyone would feel as if each other were untrustworthy. In the United States, we are one giant community; there are many communities within the major one. In times of war or battle, we stand together. Above all, the citizens in the U.S are able to come together to fight the battles when needed. If every citizen in

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  • Globalization Argumentative Paper

    The development of commercial jet aircraft and super fighters and development of ship transportation help companies simplify the trans-shipment from one mode of transport to another. (3, Conclusion) Globalization helps companies to improve its market presence in the global market and introduce new production plants in different countries of the world to provide the right product to the right customers at the right time with the lowest cost (Peng, 2009). (4, Premise)Globalization provides options

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  • Argumentative Essay - Affirmative Action

    In 1965, the U.S. government believed that these employers were discriminating against minorities and believed that there was no better time than the present to bring about change. That was then, this is now. Today, everyone gets an opportunity to go to college, get training, and reach the sky if they want. So, if everyone has a fair chance to get the education and training they want, why do we have this “rule” setup to ensure a certain amount of “equality” in the work force and in the schools? How

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  • Aspects of an Argumentative Essay

    First, you must do some research, trying to decide whether the bulk of the evidence available supports or contradicts your thesis. Fven if your essay deals only with one text, research is still essential, as research in this sense can mean anything from rereading the assigned text with an eye toward finding passages that support your claim to heading to the library, bringing an entire section of books to a table, and spending hours poring over them. If the bulk of evidence contradicts your thesis

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  • Abortion Argumentative Essay

    At other times some mother’s do not wish to go along with the pregnancy if they realize the child will come out with deformities. Many people believe abortion is the women’s choice. Back in the day women had basically no rights. Once a woman was married, she had to ask her husband’s approval for all civil matters. The woman’s only right was to provide children for the husband. The only role the woman needed to play was to have a male child to keep the family line going (Masae 195-198). Is the

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  • Ban the Box Argumentative Essay

    Delaware for example is trying to allow a grace period of time hired, and if performance is not acceptable then they may use the criminal history as a termination of employment. Although recently denied by congress in July 2012(BJS.Gov), it should be a federal law nationwide. With prison and or jails being the most highly funded besides Medicare in the country (Katel), it’d definitely lead to less recidivism to institutions which would put the funds to more imperative things; such as children’s

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  • Einstein quote, Argumentative essay

    It went from tanks to bombs and then to nuclear bombs. Each time the weapons advanced, the more people man had the power to kill. While the people of a country are living in slums and in famine, the government uses its money on weaponry, and we are forced to question the ethics of it all. Sydney J. Harris once said, "The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think like computers." This goes hand in hand with a quote from the prolific graffiti artist

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  • Argumentative Paper Euthanasia

    26). The legality of euthanasia and PAS differs greatly from country to country. In most countries, both are illegal and punishable by law, with only a few exemptions. The Netherlands have recognized both euthanasia and PAS as lawful; although Belgium legitimatized euthanasia, PAS is still considered a crime (Materstvedt, Clark, & Ellershaw, 2003, p. 97). In Switzerland, active euthanasia is illegal; however assisted suicide legal, as long as the assister does not benefit from the death of

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  • Zoos Argumentative Essay

    They successfully released Sumatran Orangutans back into the protected Bukit Tigapuluh National park in Sumatra, Indonesia, in November 2006, boosting orangutan numbers and adding to the park’s genetic diversity. Clearly, it is zoo breeding programs that are boosting species populations and giving animals a chance. Today we are highly educated in regards to the needs of animals in captivity and consequently, a well designed and managed zoo can provide a positive existence for animals. Animals

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  • Medical Marijuana Argumentative Essay

    Russo from the Montana Neurobehavioral Specialists write: "Good evidence shows that secondary compounds in cannabis may enhance beneficial effects of THC… In essence, clinical cannabis demonstrates herbal synergy and is more than simply a vehicle for THC administration”. Simply stated, marijuana has many other benefits other than those given from THC alone. Secondly, Marinol is much more costly than marijuana. THC is a difficult compound to manufacture. The heightened cost for manufacturing is passed

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  • Drug Addiction Argumentative Essay

    Addiction is a neurologically based disease and is related to neurological disorders like Tourette’s Syndrome. This disorder manifests in long term obsessive-compulsive behaviors outside the realm of the addicts own control. Therefore addiction is not something a person can control if they are unfortunate enough to have a neurological disorder or disease. People must accept that these problems are not primarily mental or free will issues and is not about will power. For many years now there

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  • Argumentative Synthesis Essay

    But it is relatively opaque to infrared, which the earth tries to reradiate back into space at night. If the planet were a featureless, monochromatic billiard ball without mountains, oceans, vegetation and polar ice caps, a steadily rising concentration of CO2 would mean a steadily warming earth”. The earth’s temperature can go up and destroy the polar ice caps and kills a lot of fish and raise the water and flood states. Crops are going to dry out so we can’t eat anything. People are taking

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  • Argumentative Essay Format

    SUPPORTING EVIDENCE PARAGRAPH #2, 3, 4 etc. o Repeat above  COUNTERARGUMENT PARAGRAPH o PURPOSE: To anticipate your reader’s objections; make yourself sound more objective and reasonable. o Optional; usually 1-2 paragraphs tops o What possible argument might your reader pose against your argument and/or some aspect of your reasoning? Insert one or more of those arguments here and refute them. o End paragraph with a concluding sentence that reasserts your paper’s claim as a whole.

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  • Eng 101 Argumentative Alternative Essay

    The article continues, ["Kristine Beckford, 22, a senior majoring in communications at Lehman College in the Bronx, N.Y., part of the public City University of New York, says she already owes $60,000 to $70,000 in student loans for two other colleges she attended before transferring to Lehman. She's not certain whether they are federal or private loans ("What's the difference?" she asked). The first in her family to attend college, Beckford says she received virtually no financial-aid counseling"]

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  • Argumentative Against Death Penalty Essay

    What gives the state or normal everyday citizens the right to determine whether or not an individual lives or dies? This is essentially doing what the criminal did and justifying it by hiding behind the law. Murder is murder whether it is committed by the drug dealer on the street or by the executioner who administers the lethal dose of medication into the inmate’s veins. Some individuals feel that the death penalty gives way to racism and class oppression. African Americans and Latinos represent

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  • Argumentative Essay: Interviews After Admission

    Is it really certain that a person with perfect grades is capable of succeeding more than a person with one C in one subject. 2. The doctors, engineers and the teachers are currently decreasing in Sweden and one of the main reasons for it is because people do not make it in to universities with too high demands on the students. By focusing on the interviews will probably create the opportunity of new jobs. 3. What about the people who maybe failed a subject in high school. Are they just going

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  • Argumentative Essay Birth Controll Access

    Those in those areas have to rely on their health department to assist them. The United States has the highest percentage of Teen Pregnancies at almost 84 teen pregnancies per one thousand teens. Compare that to Canada which is about 34 to each one thousand teens. Each year almost one million girls between the ages of 15 and 19 become pregnant. This number is slowly rising ever year. More than 40% of women in the US will become pregnant before the age of 20. For every eight teenage girls

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  • Argumentative Essay. Can We Live Without Computers?

    Computers are popular because they are known to have broken communication barriers all over the world. An example is social media. Nowadays, social media, such as “Facebook”, “Twitter” and “Tumblr” have taken the virtual world by storm. Through these, people can connect with distant relatives, friends, and even strangers without having to actually meet face to face. It has made communicating with them so much easier. The only requirement is for both parties to have access to a computer, and they

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  • Argumentative Essay on Women Are Better Leaders Than Men

    No democratic system has fallen in a country where per capita income exceeds $6055”. While the quote is not a prediction, the message is strong for Nigeria with per capita income of less than $1,500. If we are lucky and the oil boom continues, then the economy will continue to ‘grow’. The structure of the economy is such that any sustained collapse of oil prices in the medium term will lead to a catastrophic implosion of the economy. Here lies the challenge. Do we have any political party with

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Jose Mourinho the Greatest Football Coach of All Time?

    Furthermore, he has the unique distinction of being the only coach in football history to win two consecutive Trebles with two different clubs. Although Mourinho has proved that he is the best coach of all time, there are a lot of football fans who prefer Sir Alex Ferguson. Ferguson is Club Manchester United's legendary head coach. He has been in command of Manchester United for twenty five years. Ferguson's achievements include one domestic cup, one Treble, two UEFA Champions League trophies

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  • Argumentative Essay

    Jefferson used words such as brethren, common kindred, and fellow citizen, in which they implied that they were all together. He also showed them how the colonies tried their best to avoid a violent conflict with Great Britain and how the king would not compromise. For example, how they had sent many petitions to Britain to come up to an agreement of some type, and how the king instead sent mercenaries to kill the people, burn down their towns, ravage ships, and to capture citizens and make them

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