Classroom Argumentative Report

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Chapter three discussion the topic of teaching fictional narratives. In my personal experience, these have always been my favorite because I can make the narrative my own. Teaching students to write a personal narrative also give the teacher a chance to teach about description. It’s like a two for one lesson. Trying to find a topic for the kids to write about but still making sure it is their own should be the easiest part. Ms. Alva came up with the setting through a picture, and set the mood in the classroom by dimming the lights. I thought this was wonderful! It’s a versatile unit that can be taught. Let’s say it’s Halloween time when the unit comes up. I could show a picture of a haunted house, have the lights in the classroom dimmed, and …show more content…
The next chapter touched on teaching argumentative essays. I find that argumentative essays take planning and an outline. Another thing that helps, is knowing your audience. Knowing who your audience is helps to know how much explanation you need to put into the essay. My last paper in high school was an argumentative essay. We had to come up with our own topics and then went through the process of collecting sources. My teacher did a mini lesson on how to site our sources and it truly helped. Doing a mini lesson on how much explanation the students would need to make and how to cite their sources could become a strong point of the whole unit. Making sure I had an outline before beginning my essay proved effective. I had my thesis statement, each paragraph labeled on what I would discuss, and the conclusion. The outline helped to make sure my paper didn’t read as a jumbled mess. I believe all students should know how to write an argumentative essay before graduating high school. Chapter six, teaching comparison and contrast essays, is another one that requires organizational skills and knowing your

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