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    Many students will have created effective personal narratives. This skill will help them to succeed on exit-level state tests and may also help them gain admission to college or earn scholarships. Teachers will feel rewarded by their success. Therefore, this lesson plan will be valuable for both teachers and their high school students. Topic: |  Examining the structure of Personal Essays to determine how to form a working thesis. | Content: |  Personal Essay: Thesis, Body, Evidence/Support, Introduction

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    Whether you choose to write chronologically or not, use transition words to clearly indicate to the reader what happened first, next, and last. Some time transition words are next, finally, during, after, when, and later. Transitions In a narrative essay, a new paragraph marks a change in the action of a story, or a move from action to reflection. Paragraphs should connect to one another. For example, the end of one paragraph might be: “I turned and ran, hoping the bear hadn’t noticed me”,

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  • Essay about Personal Narrative- Meditation

    useful gift for life on earth. Consider for a moment how fortunate we are to be born as humans. At a basic level, we have minds that can think, reason, discriminate, conceptualize, intuit and, through meditation, recognize its own nature. At a more personal level, if you possess the circumstances to read this on your computer, you are already better off than probably 90 per cent of the world’s humans. Not everyone is born in a (relatively) free country, in (relatively) free circumstances. You may have

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  • Culinary Perfection of a New Orlean Trip: Personal Narrative Essays

    the one who did in fact take our order. She was very present and ensured everything was to our liking and that the experience we had was beyond compare. She had the entire menu memorized, down to the ingredients of every dish, and could give you personal suggestions as to the best things to have based on what your tastes might be at the time. She was supported by a group of ‘servers’ who were the ones that brought your food to you under domed lids. For the soup course, my wife and I had our plates

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  • Personal Narrative- Concert Essay

    As we entered through the graffiti covered doors, we walked into the building with a bar level up top, food, and the most popular souvenir stand. This was the first realization of how amazingly awesome this concert would be. We then proceeded to the front of the thick, sweaty, smelly crowd. We were a little late after getting our T shirts so the concert had already begun. It kind of sucked because it was harder to make our way to the front since the fans were all crazed and pumped because the music

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  • Essay on Personal Narrative

    When the dreadful day arrived where I started a new school year in a new school, I felt the anxiety and the nerves crowding into my head and my whole body started shaking. I remember getting dressed in the cold mornings and was so frustrated over the new dress code that was to be followed by in the school and the intensive ten hour weekdays. As I finished getting dressed, I headed out into the car and we drove toward my new school. The distance was getting shorter and shorter and I continued starring

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  • Essay on Personal Narrative

    I did not care about this news so much, however, as I was busy preparing and worrying about my English exam. The next day, soon after I finished my English final, I found a way to escape my hard math exam. Our school principal announced that our school was trying to get some donations, and a few volunteers who would be taken to Bam to hand out relief supplies to the injured people. The departure date for the volunteers was at the beginning of the following week of my English final. Since the

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  • Personal Narrative for Msw Essay

    They may help raise funds or write grants to support these programs. There are many social problems that concern me, but the one that stands out the most is domestic violence and child abuse. Child abuse usually occurs in the same families as domestic violence. Research has pointed out that merely witnessing domestic violence can have a profound effect on children. Childhood exposure to domestic violence is associated with increased aggression, depression and anxiety, lower levels of social

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  • Personal Narrative Essay

    The red dot was facing the sky, indicating that I won the serve. I said good luck to my opponent and strolled to the baseline to begin the match. Behind our court, a school groundskeeper was mowing the lawn. I could smell the freshly cut grass in the air as I took position. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves before I tossed up the ball to begin the match. The match began exactly as I had imagined it in my head. I jumped on every opportunity, and won three games straight. We switched sides once

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  • Personal Narrative: The World Essay

    Every now and then someone would toss some loose change or even a dollar, but they still never herd the music the man was playing. I stood and listened for about ten minutes to what was the greatest live version of "Free Bird" that I had ever heard. When the man finished I offered him some money not so people would see me doing but because I thought his performance was well worth it. The man just smiled at me and declined it saying, "no thanks, your applauds are all the payment I was looking for

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  • Personal Narrative - The Role of God in My Personal Transformation

    Jesus came to die on the cross to take my sins away and I simply needed to believe that fact and trust Him as Savior from my sins. At about the age of eight, I "accepted Christ" into my life - professed belief in Christ as my Savior. Though I had a firm relationship with my parents and siblings, as well as with God, school wasn't particularly easy for me. During the first few weeks of Kindergarten, the first year I went to "real" school (as opposed to preschool), I wanted to stay home. When my

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  • Personal Narrative - My Father Essay

    Then I answer oh when he tells me about wattage and voltage and Ohm-age, when he explains torque and elasticity and inertia, when he pulls a mechanical pencil and tiny tablet from his front pocket to draw grids and circles and squiggles. I’m eight. After he hangs the new reading lamp over my bed, he splices an egg-sized hand switch into the lamp’s cord so that when I wake up in the night I won’t have to reach up to the fixture itself to turn it on. I hand him the stubby red-and-blue-handled Phillips

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  • My Day - Personal Narrative Essay

    Having usually taken substantial injuries to the soles of my feet, I promptly switch off my radio, hop painfully back over to my bed, and jump in for another 30 minutes kip. You can't hide forever though, and at some point the enemy of work dodgers the world over that people tell me is my mother ruthlessly hunts me down and hounds me from my resting place. Finally giving in to the inevitability of consciousness with all promise of further sleep dissolved, I grab

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  • Personal Narrative- Concern for Grandpa Essay

    Homework was left untouched as our minds crowded with possibilities. My mom informed us that our grandfather – her father – was in the hospital…again. He has spent nearly a quarter of his life in the hospital where he had all his toes and his right lower leg amputated. And he had two heart attacks and triple bypass surgery. After we were filled in on the basics, a feeling of suspense and tension descended among our living room. Minutes dragged on like hours. The ticking of the clock seemed far

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  • Personal Narrative: Lost Wallet Essay

    I sat in the car, car door open, waiting for my mom to make it to the car so we could all go to a diving area. Once she made it to the car, without thinking, I closed the door and started the car. I had been driving about half a mile before I realized that my wallet was no longer on my body. Immediately, I pulled the car over, and the next hour or so was spent looking for my wallet. All I could think about was what I would lose if I didn't find my wallet. The week before was my birthday, and I was

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  • Essay Personal Narrative- Contributing to Society

    In an era where we can’t appreciate beauty, unless we shoot off to some exotic beach, we forget to look at the things that are right under our noses. A flower blooming through concrete, a bird song, a child at play, the colours of the changing seasons, the perfume of flowers from a distant land still perceptible in the polluted city air, the wind, the rain, the sun, the moon, the stars. Need I go on? I think you know what I mean. We Westerners have become insensitive to nature’s lesser miracles that

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  • Essay about Personal Narrative- Learning

    Often the teacher came in with minimal preparation and gave us lectures on whatever he felt like talking about whether or not that topic had anything more than a romote connection with the course. There was no way to know if the assignments given were ever going to be collected, or, if they were, if they would be graded. Still, in the second semester we covered the fundamentals of chemical equations, which was generally not a topic that was covered before junior year. I learned from the teacher,

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  • Personal Narrative- Suicide Aftermath Essay

    “It must have been some kinda kiss,” Cutting Crew continues with the song, and I know I should change the radio station. But, instead I see the gymnasium of our middle school. I was finally in the eighth grade, and it meant I had the permission of my parents to attend a school dance. I was excited and nervous. My arms were around his shoulders, and his hands were on my waist. I could feel his sweaty palms through the silky material of my sea foam green dress. I didn’t want him to take his hands away

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  • Interfaith Marriage: A Personal Narrative Essay

    The survey resulted in the following: • 48 percent of people who married before age 25 were in interfaith unions • 58 percent of people who wed between ages 26 and 35 • 67 percent of people who married between ages 36 and 45. A marriage built from compromise and understanding is a contributing factor to what makes ours a success. My husband understood that my church membership is important to my spiritual growth and internal balance and was not a topic up for negotiation. I willingly traded

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  • Personal Narrative: My Day Essay

    After that class is finally over I actually turn on my brain because it is time for accounting class were my brain actually begins to function. As I sit there and try to do my work people surround me to ask me questions since the teacher is helping some one else and I have a good grasp into what we are doing. When the class ends I remind myself that I have English next were we always have a fun discussion about something, although I never become involved in the discussion I actually fell like I want

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  • Personal Narrative: My Day Essay

    “Hey, you, wash your hands before you touch anything,” she says, giving me a look, “and take a shower, too!” Assuring her that I would, I take the stairs up to my room two at a time. I pivot quickly in the hallway to my room and reach for the brass knob, turning it. I listen closely to the sound of the spindle inside the knob turn, taking the latch out. I listen closely, always interested in the faint sounds of my door. Hearing the click of the latch opening, I enter my room. The sight makes my eyes

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  • Personal Narrative - A Hasty Decision Essay

    He quit because his fried Sarah told him he could get a better job that paid more too! He quit as soon as she told him. It took him about two week to realize he was not going to get this better job and he now could not afford rent. Since Sean was unemployed a cash advance was not an option nor was a small loan. I did not have enough money to help him and since his spending habits sucked he had no savings, we were screwed. Dale, Sean’s’ dad offered to pay his rent for one more month if he moved home

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  • Personal Narrative: The Victims of Bullies Essay

    Through out my childhood I was bullied by my physical appearance. Kids used to put gum in my hair, break all my utensils curse horrible things to me, write death notes to me. I went through this for 11 years. When I entered high school I was very shy, did not like to interact with people because I was afraid of what people were going to do or say to me. Till one day two kids came up to me and wanted to talk to me and this went on for days, weeks, months till I actually started socializing with them

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  • Universal Studios Personal Narrative Essay

    She was ok with it and my Mom stayed with my sister, not only to accompany her but because of her heart problems she couldn’t get on the rides either. This complication leads to my Brother-in-law and I to ride without them on this ride and on a ride we take later on called Mummy The Ride. Simpsons ride was pretty amazing, It wasn’t a rollercoaster but it definitely entertained me. We got on this makeshift rollercoaster cart with a massive monitor in front of it and it showcased a small Simpson’s

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  • Personal Narrative: Comparing the Qualities of Water with my Personal Qualities

    After the loss of my aunt I had to learn how to adapt without her. I had to use her memories so I could put them to use when I needed her the most. Likewise, water can fit into any object and it won’t change its state because it’s still water. Moving away from my home town didn’t change me. I still have the same personality but just in a different environment. When I moved from Rochester to Philadelphia, I had to adapt to the small size of the town and all the plants and trees. The quietness

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  • Personal Narrative- Transformation from Child to Teenager Essay

    There we were at the coach station on the departure date. Armed with matching purses, our straw blond hair drew us together, a giggling, whispering bunch, the most devoted Boyzone fans. We were an endless source of lies. We were all orphaned quadruplets. We had been left millions and lived on our own with seven swimming pools with dolphins in. We were almost feminist in our approach to boys, the fat boy who dared to send Sally a love letter obviously had not realised the cruelty we were capable of

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  • There's No Place Like Home- Personal Narrative Essay

    Remember that there are only fifteen minutes for you to take action after a tornado warning is issued for a tornado to touchdown. Advance planning and quick responses are the keys to surviving a tornado. Here are some procedures to follow that might help you survive: Be informed. One of the most alarming aspects of tornadoes is the randomness at which it occurs. You should be well alert and informed about tornadoes. Contact the local American Red Cross and study your area for any incidence

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  • Essay on Personal Narrative: Reflections of a Nursing Student

    How Nursing Processes Helped Me Provide Quality and Safe Care Nursing processes play a significant role in the provision of quality care to surgery patients (Gulanick & Myers, 2011). I remember a case of the patient who had undergone cholecystectomy surgical process. Nursing diagnosis of the patient indicated that he was having an ineffective breathing pattern. Patient’s assessment indicated that he exhibited some difficulties in breathing, tachypnea, reluctance to cough and holding of breath. This

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  • Personal Narrative: Drafts of my Writing Essay

    I enjoyed reading it immensely.” “This paper was as superb as I knew it would be.” “It is a great joy to read your essays and diaries, Shirlee; you write insightfully and gracefully.” “This if one of the best papers I’ve gotten in years. I shared it with a colleague of mine.” “You are one of the smartest students I’ve ever taught.” Actually, the last quote doesn’t quite fit here, but it remains one of my favorites and I slip it in at every opportunity. All of this

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  • Things I Carried-Personal Narrative Essay

    I did that because never ever in my life before or afterwards, have I felt such a strong sense of ambivalence, and I wanted to translate that to the audience. I have also given reasons for making the decision to study abroad. I included that because almost every one I meet asks me the reason for coming to the U.S, and hence I thought it was an aspect I needed to touch. . I go on and write about incidents in the process of adapting to a new place. I chose to write about this because the whole transition

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  • My First Day at Work - Personal Narrative Essay

    My manager was a bubbly, middle-aged lady named Susan, who cheerfully introduced herself to me and got me down to training right away. The first thing I had to do was read a manual that was about 3/4th the width of your average college textbook. I groaned as she handed it to me and told me to be done within an hour. Good old Susan. It only took me an hour and a half to do it, too. After I was done with that, I was given some tips on dealing with customers; nothing I didn’t already know: smile and

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  • Personal Narrative: A Day In My Favorite City Essay

    Ready to eat, we made our way out of the museum, but not until lastly passing through an immense and bright room, freckled with sculptures and a few fountains. In this hall was my favorite exhibit, two cherubic toddler boys, laughing luminously, one carrying a duck in his small arms, the other splashing around in a puddle with a glorious smiling spreading over his entire face. Never before in my life had I ever seen such genuine happiness. For lunch we decided to go to a tiny hole in the wall of

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  • Personal Narrative I am a daydreamer Essay

    I walk out the door and down the steps onto the courtyard. I look around and see the beautiful greenery that surrounds me. I continue walking down Fullerton, watching and listening to the hustle and bustle of the traffic beside me. I walk into the building and after scouring the place for my classroom and have a seat. After attending so many years of school, I have mastered sleeping with my eyes open. I practice this skill in one of my business management classes. I wake up just in time to write

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  • Personal Narrative My Sociological Imagination Essay

    This has definitely shaped the way I go about making certain decisions. First of all I am the most faithful boyfriend in the entire world and also am quite clingy to my girlfriend. I suppose that she has filled the gap that my father left. I also plan to be faithful to the woman I choose to be my wife. Without the invention of MRI and even without living in the technologically advancing society we live in, I wouldn't be this way because my father wouldn't have left. Other historical events that

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  • Lakewood Nuring and Rehabilitation Center: A Personal Narrative

    The left wing of the first floor is used for temporary residents staying less than two months, mostly doing physical therapy after surgery, or medical issues. Home or the second floor is where most of the permanent residents like me live. This floor has 250 residential rooms, two nurse stations, one common room (including two T.V.’s), and numerous small cleaning closets. Of the 250 rooms two residents live in each room, my room is 234. These residents are the ones that can live mostly on their own

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  • Personal Narrative - Randomness of Human Relationships Essay example

    It's merely an excuse. It allows us to think of friendship as a connecting force that flows through the universe, inviting already-compatible people to make acquaintance. [The "in"] allows us to think of friendship as a connecting force that flows through the universe, inviting already-compatible people to make acquaintance. Consider how you met your friends. You probably remember most meetings as lucky encounters in which you were statistically quite fortunate to meet someone so similar. If we

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  • Essay about Personal Narrative: Life after Children

    What were you thinking? It’s amazing how the innate desire for procreation can make perfectly sane, successful, and happy people put aside careers, dreams, passions, freedom, and financial prosperity just to bring a tiny baby into the home. It’s also pretty crazy that regardless of all the horrible things you have seen in friends and family members who are sweating life trying to raise a family, that you still believe you can do it better and without a hitch. You never believe that you and

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  • Essay Personal Narrative: My Secret Place

    I wonder what it would really be like to be able to see what the world was like as a giant, and not a little toddler. I swing around the piano top, so that I am facing the other side, the side where I cannot see the living room. I see a tiny little space, made by the sofa and the piano, perfect play space for a three year old. I want to go in there, but at the top of the piano, with no keys under me, it is too high and too scary, so I turn around, and cautiously step down, pounding some of the keys

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  • Personal Narrative the Infidelity of my Mother Essay

    I tried as hard as possible to imagine my parents standing together and being happy. The sad part is that my father was under the same false impression. My father is the oldest male in a family of nineteen. He has three older sisters, six younger sisters, and seven younger brothers. His father had passed away when he was sixteen, so his mother asked him to drop out of high school. He was left with the responsibility of taking care of the family farm and raising his younger siblings. My dad’s brother

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  • Personal Narrative- Holiday Baking Tradition Essay

    A sample and a copy of my Aunt Millie’s cinnamon-pecan rolls recipe would fully explain why our gatherings were held so frequently. No matter what holiday we were celebrating, or what time of year it took place, it never failed that the cinnamon-pecan rolls were the biggest source of joy and delight. One special evening, I aided in the preparation of the legendary treat and I was ecstatic to partake in such a praiseworthy task. Helping my aunt prepare such divine treasures was more than I was

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  • Personal Narrative: Overcoming My Asthma and Completing a Marathon

    “Adam are you serious? For one thing why would you want to run a marathon and for the second do you really think you can finish a whole marathon? That is 26.2 miles long dude,” said a familiar friend from the side of the circle we had created in the middle of the hall. “Yes I know I can finish this race and I might actually have a pretty good time as well guys and to answer your first question because I like to run, it’s what I’m decent at.” My friends didn’t quite understand why I would want

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  • Personal Narrative: My Dad is My Hero Essay

    I get home at 11:45 p.m. and my cell phone rings again, my hairs stood up and I looked at my fiancé and said, "Something bad happened; I know it." I picked up the phone to hear my mother who was speaking very slowly, "Danielle, something happened to your father, he is no longer with us". I will never forget how my knees buckled and I hit the floor, I can't remember much except that my fiancé had carried me to my bed and I started dialing everyone I know to pass on this horrific news. I woke

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  • Personal Narrative- Not So Important Exam Essay

    My mind finally reached its threshold and at this time let all irrelevant thoughts pass, therefore regenerating my mind and allowing me to become conscious of my driving once again. But it didn’t seem to come soon enough for me to perceive the massive SUV in front come to a halt. Try as I may, I did all that was in my power to resist hitting this vehicle, only to be unsuccessful. At that moment, even though I’d slowed down considerably, I hit the car with the force of a carnival bumper car. At this

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  • Essay on Personal Narrative: My Sky Diving Adventure

    When we got to the airfield, the instructor’s plane was ready for us. We told Chris’s mom to be back around 4 p.m. All the way up, we continued making bets on who wouldn’t jump and the instructor just laughed. He told us that its all right to be nervous and scared and Ricky pointed out that we are guys and we don’t get scared. When we were at the set height for our jump, we all grabbed our packs with parachutes in them and the instructor’s assistant opened the door. We took a look out the door, and

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  • Personal Narrative: Don’t Play With Your Food! Essay

    After our scrumptious supper, we went inside to watch some TV. After about ten minutes someone looked out the back door and noticed the varsity volleyball team in the backyard behind us having their team dinner. Not thinking anything of it, we returned to the TV and didn’t pay any attention to the girls. As we sat back down, Christian’s dad, Chris, had an awesome idea. He walked into the room with a boyish grin on his face and said, “ You know what you guys should do don’t you?” Puzzled, we said

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  • My First Time on a Plane - Personal Narrative Essay

    It felt a great achievement to actually step off the plane on to American soil. We then had to follow some kind of rep. There was a huge sign stating 'United States Of America Customs' with a huge man sitting behind a bit of glass and not really looking at your passport just kind of waiting for his shift to finish. It was now time for the most boring part of going on holiday, the luggage belt. We stood there for fifteen minutes and eventually I was relieved to see a

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  • Personal Narrative - Graduation Day Essay example

    This is one of the most important rites of passage in my life and I don’t feel the difference. The only kind of change I felt was being uncomfortable. We all had to dress up in underneath our robes and I was sick of it. I knew that I would start to become sad but not until later. Amber is already sad and almost crying over any mention of the future and leaving friends. She’s the one of the three who is personable and Ann and I knew she would deeply feel the affects of graduating. Even though Ann

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  • Essay about Personal Narrative: My Teenage Pregnancy

    He went and left me to embark on this chaotic journey alone, a week after he got the news. My mother found out the night Jake left town. Taking in all that I said must have been really hard, because the devil visited our home that night, she threw a vase at me and other unidentified objects. After she calmed down she started to ask a lot of questions. ?Who is the father??? she asked, ?Jake? I replied with an attitude

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  • Personal Narrative: I am Blind Essay

    But wait, it?s not silence at all. There?s noise all around. And so I listen. Tick, Tock, Tick. And then it fades. It has been replaced by scratching. Mad scratching of pencils across paper like a never-ending race. In my darkness I have a flash of memory. It is of a potato sack race. I am in the lead and triumph illuminates off my countenance. Crunch. I am back in the real world, awakened from my beautiful dream by the sound of paper being crumpled up into a little ball followed by the

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  • Personal Narrative: A Day In My Life Essay

    Then, I move to my first lesson. I am always concentrated and active on my first lessons and make good efforts and show enthusiasm in my homework so as to achieve good grades in my GCSEs. Furthermore I took graphics as my technology option eventhough I am not a good drawer. A remarkable fact about graphics is my tutor. He is really funny and encouraging. In my opinion, he is the best artist I have ever seen. Whenever I draw a picture, he can always

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