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I 'm the 27-year-old son of a poor immigrant. Before I left college I had lived in twelve homes all across the united states. My family has always struggled to get buy but with hard work, undying belief in the American dream and a supportive loving family I strove to better myself and go to college. Three years into Architecture the housing market collapsed and I was forced out of school to sell vacumes door to door 80 hours a week for an average of well below 100 a week. Eventually, I fought my way out and went back to school. I graduated in media arts in a state without enough PA work to allow me to work full time. Instead of finding another career I 've been working nonstop for minimum wage at a fast food joint so that I may take the odd PA job and craft short films as an independent hobby. …show more content…
Always achive goal.
6) Stories need a cor heart and driving core. Nobody gets anything out of a series of moments.
7) Be aware of space in story telling. The uniqness of a medium is its strength. Space is the breath of images that move.
8) Audio, except no substitute.
9) Deatail is love. An audience is unlikely to love a film if its creator hasn 't dumped his or her soul into every pour off. My movies are getting better and better at being loved in everyway. My last movie I faught hard for just the correct font solution. Nobody notices when its missing but when its there subconscencly a film es elevated by works of love in detail.
10) No comedies. As a student comedy was an easy way to get around budget constraints. Drama is hard with student actors, sets look bad with student acsess, camera lights sound all

of this can be excused if it’s a joke. I didn’t want to work with a crutch because I didn 't want to limit my potential. I 've proven myself and the last movie I wrote for a grant is a comedy, now I have the skills to tell the story and have to face the challenge of making an audience

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