Case Study Of Klamath Paper Products

Register to read the introduction… The project team will have the Business analyst, networking manager, networking engineers, quality control/assurance group and technical group. The project manager will take care of all the resources which will be used in this project. Project Sponsors will make the funding decisions. Each team member has to report to their corresponding organizational manager and project manager will be in contact with these organizational managers.

Project Scope:
The project of Klamath paper Products has the planning, design, development, testing of the video conferencing system facilities in the main branch so that they can give the distance learning classes to the paper manufacturing companies as well as their own employees. The videoconferencing software should meet the organizational software standards like there should be no delay or band width problem in the video sessions. The scope of the project also includes the completion of all the documents, manuals and training aid with the software installation. The video conferencing software will be installed internally; it means it will not be outsourced.

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If there is some cost variance in the project, the project manager will check that and if it will reach to the critical point, manager will contact the project sponsor.

Procurement Management Plan:
If any procurement is required in the project the budget of 50,000$ is sanctioned to it. Project manager needs to take the approval from the project sponsor in any procurement matter. Project manager will insure that all these procurements are checked by the PMO office that for additional requirement are the resources are available, if not available than the vendors are right to make a purchase etc. Project manager will also check the performance of the products delivered by vendors.
Schedule Management Plan:
The time for this project is 6 months so it should be complete in this much of time. The milestones for this project are:

Tasks | Start Date | End date | Requirement gathering | 04/19/2013 | 05-01-2013 | Designing the process of implementing the video conferencing system. | 05/2/2013 | 08-11-2013 | Implementation of the system by networking team | 08/12/2013 | 09-12-2013

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