How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay

  • my favorite summer vacation getaways Essay

    Have you ever been on a vacation outside of the United States? Vacations can be very enjoyable, fun, and memorable. There are many different vacation destinations that attract visitors and tourists today. Two of my favorite vacations were during the summer months following my completion of fifth and sixth grade. When I was in fifth grade, our family vacationed at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. We went to Wildwood Crest, New Jersey the following year after I completed sixth grade. These

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  • Summer Vacation Essay examples

    The summer i had was amazing. I did so many different things. I went to camp, went to USA, and went to the beach. I had so much fun. I just hope next summer is as exciting as this one. First of all I went to my camp with tons of my friends. (name of camp) was so much fun! I spent money on ______ and me and my friends did so much different things. The only problem is that i had to wake up early. That was a bummer. Secondly i went to USA. I woke up early, and took a long bus ride. That wasnt that

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  • Personal Statement : Chicago Airport

    This summer my parents were sitting at home on a boring sunday night while I was out with my friends. My mom texted me and said I need to come home soon because we were going on a trip tomorrow and my flight leaves around one. When my mom told me we were going to Gulf Shores, Alabama I thought it was really weird and I was not excited. I was actually really upset because it was towards the end of summer and I wanted to stay here and hangout with my friends. So the next morning my Dad and I’s

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  • Personal Narrative : My First Trip

    When I think back on the places that I’ve been to in my life that I would never forget, the first to come to mind is Connecticut. Even though it is on the opposite side of the country it still feels like a second home. How it came to deserve such a title was from the countless times that I’ve been there. The amount of times I’ve been adds up to eight trips total. The trips I made when I was younger are a little harder to remember but none the less they all still matter the same. My dad was born

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  • My Vacation At Six Flags

    My summer vacation was going to Dallas, Texas which was an exciting and fun place to go! First, of all my parents decided to do something fun for summer vacation so we saved up our money and snacks and picked out what movies to watch so we wouldn’t be bored. My family decided to go to Dallas so we can go at Six Flags which i 'm exciting because this is going to be my first time going to Six Flags which is going to be a blast! especially riding into gigantic and scary rides! once we got into Dallas

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  • Alan Schoenfield 's Secret Of Learning Mathematics

    answer and not settling for someone else to help you or give you the answer. Learning requires experimenting, thinking out loud, and going over the issue countless times. Also, the secret is taking your time to uncover the truth. Renee in the video, spent twenty-two minutes experimenting with the program. Schoenfield states, “You master mathematics if you are willing to try”. To be successful at learning mathematics, one must be persistent and willing to work hard for twenty-two minutes on something

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  • My Summer Vacation in Europe Essay

    My summer vacation to Europe Europe has always fascinated and attracted me, but I never thought that it would be anywhere close to what it seemed to me by the way of reading books and watching documentaries on the subject. You know how whenever an event you anticipate becomes a reality; it never lives up to your expectations? So, when my friend suggested that we go to Europe on a summer vacation, I was prepared to be a little disappointed, even though I was really excited about the trip. But, it

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  • Essay A Vacation I Had(Hawaii)

    A vacation I had Every summer, when high school examination are over, I always plan to go somewhere especially beaches, shores and coast are the best suit place for a summer. In the last years, me and my family planned to go a beach which is very well known as a beautiful heaven place ''the Hawaii''. Hawaii is a state that attracts tourists because of its history, geography, entertainment, and culture. It is well known for its volcanoes, beaches, and climate. For these reasons, tourism is the

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  • Driving On An Open Road

    These are some of my favorite things about traveling; enjoying the journey not just the destination. Growing up, my family did not do much traveling. Our travels consisted of short road trips, lots of laughter, fun and adventure. We were not a privileged family; we were quite the opposite. Although we lacked in the financial department, I do not recall ever feeling like we did. This could have been because my head was always in the clouds, but it probably had a lot to do with how much love there

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  • Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

    Garden State Parkway, I kept my eyes glued to the window to count the trees as they went by. Oaks and pines and all sorts of nature for me to watch with my young and wandering eyes. There were so many that it was hard to keep track, so I’d have to start again… and again, until I gave up. Sooner or later I’d start to daydream and I’d forget about the leafy green objects that lined our route. I’d think about the little things that defined my summers: my mom’s fresh lemonade and how I couldn’t wait to have

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  • Friendship Is Everything, As Humans We Strive For Relationships And Build Friendships

    build friendships. A friendship with who is now my best bud started way back in September 2011. Jack was the new kid in Mrs. Hudwalker’s homeroom, but this is not when we became friends. It was late September and I was feeling very tense about the day ahead of me. My mom was forcing me to go to her school reunion and what do you know, My mom went to school with Jacks mom. I was humiliated that my mom was more or less forcing a playdate, “Mom I’m thirteen I don’t need you to set up playdates for me. I’m

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  • The Eyes And Ears Of The Matter

    Matter I was born to father working in electronics company and a mother working in local insurance company. I have hard time recalling my early days of my life. But I do remember that my parents loved to take pictures. Even to this day I see numerous pictures my mother had taken. I do not have a clear memory when I was an infant but I do remember where our family went. One place I remember is local public park. This park had lots of flowers during spring so my mother enjoyed to take my picture in

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  • The Best Time Of A Kid 's Life

    undoubtedly the Summer. No school, no worries, and living in Wisconsin, no snow. It’s just you, your friends, and 100 days to make that Summer the greatest time of your life. For me, I’ve got about 3 real Summers left. After that, instead of my summers being filled with adventures and fun, they’ll be full of internships, and worry. So you can see where I’m coming from when I say I try to live my life to the greatest extent possible. However, a few years ago, before I had to worry about my dwindling

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  • Speech Acts Throughout My Thanksgiving Ritual

    Along with material culture, there was an abundance of speech acts throughout my Thanksgiving ritual. I noticed much talk about college and older family members giving college student family members advice about their career decisions. Thus, we participate in the “career advice ritual.” These statements include, “Make sure you attend class and get to know your professors” or “I hope you are participating in extra activities outside of class” or “Make sure that you can get a job out of college with

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  • My Experience With My Father 's Instruments

    Since age fourteen, I spent the majority of my summer vacations working as an ophthalmic technician in my father’s practice. To this day he claims he asked me to work with him because the office was short-staffed, but I suspect he knew I would fall in love with ophthalmology just as he did. On my first day seeing post-operative patients, a woman was so moved by her improved vision that she began to cry. She grasped my father’s hand while she thanked us all. I felt honored to witness such a profound

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  • I Was a Victim of Negative Peer Pressure Essay

    The summer would begin a transformation in my life, or should I say my life was going to take a different path. School was going to start soon and my sophomore term would be a disaster. My Friends during this summer would help me to learn what peer pressure really was all about. My friends Jeff and Randy lived next door to me. Jeff was a tall dark haired boy who was a year older than I. Randy was similar in build as his brother, who was the same age as I was, and he had blonde

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  • Karl Marx : Marxism And Marxism

    great role in origins of capitalism and Marx believes that religion is method used to spread class ideology to the working class. 2. As you moved through your childhood and adolescence, how did the relative importance of your family, school, peers, and the mass media as agents of socialization change? How would you account for these changes? Responses should be in at least 3 paragraphs detailing the agents of socialization in your life from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. Double-check

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  • The State Of The Farm

    Snake river. My family is a bit different then everyone else we own a farm up on top of the hill that over looks Bruneau. The farm is not what makes us different then the general population its that we also own a dairy farm alongside the farm. To be a bit more clear its more that we are dairy farmers that farm the dairy came first and since cows like to eat we started to move in the direction of farming. I am not sure what it is but ranchers and dairymen do not seem to mix well. I do not know why

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  • How Travel Is The Most Interesting Thing?

    during the summer I had the chance to go with my aunt, her daughter and I. My uncle bought tickets to fly in an airplane between the clouds and our destination, these experience was definitely the best part. We planned almost everything that we would do in the vacation and we were anxious for the great day to arrive. Few days before the flight we pack our suitcases like three times, before traveling to the Dominican Republic. Finally, the expected day arrived. In June 15, I woke up at

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Year Round Education

    source being Dr. Matthew Lynch. The use of the ethos, that is the use of information from a doctor within this field, is particularly effective to show why the year-round calendar has its advantages including “preventing summer learning loss” and kids “don 't have enough to do in the summer”. The use of this simple, but successful, diction allows for parents to further understand their options in making choices for their children and their family as a whole (Kalil). Within the con section of the article

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  • Essay on Holiday and Comfort Zone

    A Never Forgotten Vacation The scorching hot sun was beating down on my bare pale skin, the warm light breeze gently brushed through my blonde hair and the cool, shimmery, turquoise water soothed my skin. The smell of coconuts and pina coladas whirled in from the snack bar and the fresh salty air made my whole body calm and relaxed. This is just how the vacation of my lifetime would start and It would soon be my favorite place in the world to visit. My vacation in Mexico brought many exciting

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  • My Best Friend, Kyla For Years

    I’ve been friends with my best friend, Kyla for years. Ever since I met her the first day of sixth grade I knew I’d enjoy having her around. When I found out that I was leaving the island of Guam I was really sad. The sadness only stemmed from the fact that I was leaving my very best friend. I’d live in Guam for just about four years and I was ready to live somewhere new. When I broke the news to Kyla she took it very well. Both of our dads are in the military so, moving was normal for us

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  • Weight Lifting Is A Mental And Spiritual

    painful and my muscles ached. All my muscles and bones ached extremely, and times I could not distinguish if my bones hurt or my muscles. The flesh on my palms was blistered and my feet swollen. My hands were unused to hold the weights and the bars. The first three months were hard to get used to it. I could not sleep at nights from the all the aches. I could feel my chest grow at one night, and I had to adjust my positions in sleeping. My old sleeping positions are no longer comfortable due to my muscles

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  • Growing Up Within Elementary School

    throughout elementary school, I always knew my parents would eventually get a divorce. I had always known my parents were going to get a divorce. When the day came at the beginning of sixth grade, my parents sat me down and told me that they were getting a divorce. At the time, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I didn’t let it bother me. Going throughout middle school and high school, having divorced parents disrupted my plans, gave me 2 homes, and I went down a path that I would have not suggested

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  • Finance Is Something I Never Put Much Thought Into

    Finance is something I never put much thought into. Last summer I had great income, it felt great to receive a check every Friday. I did the usual, like tithe and spend the extra on my personal expenses. I never thought about the future, and if one day I would have a similar experience as Adam. For that reason our professor gave us a scenario. Our case was that we had a $29,500 yearly income. We had $10,000 in school loans and $10,000 car loans along with a $2,000 credit card debt. Our goal was

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  • Summer Vacation - Original Writing

    Summer Vacation “Everyone wake up” my aunt said. I checked my phone to see what time it was considering it was summer and all. I hit the unlock button and the time read five thirty in the morning. I thought to myself what could she possibly want this early in the morning. Then it hit me today was the day we leave for our summer vacation. I was up and off to the bathroom in no time. Once everyone was dressed we headed outside to start packing the car. My uncle rented a minivan so everyone could

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  • Jane Is Suffering From Nervous Depression, And Is Treated By Her Husband 's Beliefs

    suffering from “nervous depression” and is treated by her husband’s beliefs. The two are on a summer vacation in a colonial mansion that the narrator, Jane, believes is similar to a “haunted house”. She has these suspicions of the house being haunted because the rental price was cheap and the mansion had been unattained. Her husband, John, is a doctor and recommends her to stay in her room throughout the vacation and breathe the air. Although, her husband wants her to stay in one place and not involve

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  • The Summer Of My Life

    In the summer of 2015 my family and I finally went on our first vacation in years. My mother and sister wanted to go to the ocean, and see the beaches, while my father and I wanted to go someplace completely different from Kansas, somewhere that wasn’t flat, dull, and filled with farm fields and plains, but somewhere exiting and new that isn’t anything like the place where spent our entire lives. We wanted to go to Colorado Springs, and so we did. When we arrived at our destination, it

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  • My Life : A Broken Home And What It Has Taught Me

    Growing up I had typical childhood experiences, but unlike some of you I grew up in a broken home. Many people would say I got the short end of the stick; however, I believe it has in some ways made me a better person. It was not because of the broken home, tons of other people grew up that way, it was the completely opposite lifestyles I observed in both homes that changed me. It has taught me many life lessons, including the fact that a man does not have to be your father to be a dad. I was raised

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  • Family Interview Essay

    Family History Interview The person I choose to interview was my mother Elizabeth . The reason I chose to interview her was that I wanted to gain a closer bond with her. She is the closet relative living from which I could gain the most knowledge. (Q11) She was raised by both of her parents. (Q1) Her father Marlyn , was the Mayor or Morgantown, WV, as well taught law at WVU. Her Mother was Jerry , a graduate of WVU with a bachelor’s degree in zoology. Jerry was a woman of many talents. She sold

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  • My Time For My Life

    Hearing my mother’s voice waking me up at 5 o’clock in the morning during my summer vacation was not always my cup of tea. This was supposed to be my time to sleep in and enjoy not going to school. However, my mother insisted that I was not allowed to stay at the house--no matter how much I begged and pleaded. During the summer my mother had to go off to work everyday while my father would work around the farm. Every summer I spent the entirety of my time helping my father out on the farm. He taught

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  • The Book And Applaud The Efforts Of The American Society

    retribution to the non-belief of the society. How can this be if everything Americans are led to believe that without religion in their lives, everything that happens will have a negative result. I would like to step back a bit back in time, take a look at some events that took place that led me to read this book and applaud the effort of the book. As a young child I spent lots of time with my grandparents. I spent almost every summer working on my grandfather’s farm learning what a good hard day’s

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  • The Death Of Death And Death

    heartbreaking experience I had to endure. I can promise death for sure doesn 't ask for permission. I have come to understand the cycle of life and death, and how one can leave this world unexpectedly. Until this day, I have been constantly reminding myself that life is short and when death knocks on your door, you can’t really call 911 or do anything. Now my thoughts towards death and what happens after I die became more distressing and uncontrollable. I’ve come to understand that I have limited time

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  • The Effects Of Soccer On Soccer 's Influence On The World

    There are many things that have influenced my life over the past eighteen years such as family, friends, television shows, and video games. Yet the one thing that has influenced my life the most has been the sport of soccer. Soccer has had a great influence on the entire world each and every day. For many people around the world soccer is there whole life. Many people would say that soccer is the way to escape the hardships of the world. The sport also endures hardships on many people in the world

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  • Descriptive Essay

    The serenity and peacefulness of the area is unmatched by any other. These are the things I experience when at the lake. The fun and love shown by other couples and friends, makes it a very romantic place to me. I can just sit in a quiet room and close my eyes and listen in my mind the calming moving water coming up against the shoreline. If I was asked to describe my idea of a perfect getaway vacation retreat, it would be everything that the lake has to offer. To walk along the back side of

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  • The Elephant Never Forget

    Never Forget My happiness comes from something I hold dear to me. I have carried this with me my entire life, even when I did not know I had it. Sometimes I might misplace it, but with a little help from others I am able to find it. On occasion it makes me sad, angry, or frustrated but more than often it makes me excited, cheerful, and happy. Any guesses? No, it is not the blanket I was wrapped in at birth. In fact, it is not something that can be held. It is something inside of myself: my memory. The

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  • The Best Friendships

    At least that’s the case for me. I hated my best friend Victoria for the longest time when we were younger. There was no reason for me to dislike her either. I just did, and she was well aware of it. One day she came up to me at recess and even asked me why I didn’t like her, and my response was, “I just don’t.” This went on for quite a few years, until one year we played volleyball together. She was the first person I talked to at the very first practice that summer, and we clicked. Ever since that

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  • I Was Never An Ordinary Child

    did happen. I was born. Before that day I was only an idea. No one, not even my parents could fathom the person I, Tameika Cutina Jackson would some da become. So who did I become? I was never an ordinary child. I spent a lot of recess time reading and writing short stories or shifting through dirt looking for rocks to add to my collection. And as a grown 22 year old woman I still love to read and write and ill occasionally have to resist the urge to pick up a promising quart geode. I also enjoy watching

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  • Cabo San Viejo: Rewarding Loyalty Essay

    lifestyle, the Blumenthals sought to create a place where smokers, overweight people, and others could go to feel better and learn how to live healthier lives. Business was slow at first, as the national craze for fitness had not yet caught on. In 1982, however, a leading magazine journalist wrote a piece on Cabo San Viejo, billing it as the nation’s "premier total vacation/fitness resort,” and bookings took ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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  • The Ecological System Theory Was Invented By Urie Bronfenbrenner

    are in my microsystem is my, mom, dad, sister, Grandma and zeff and my teachers from high school and college. My grandma has created a big impact on my life. When I was young my grandma was very concerned about my outer appearance. For example before I would go out with her she would call me into her bedroom and put a tummy tucker around my stomach. In addition, when I used to go shopping with her she would pick up black clothes to hide my shape. Unfortunately there was nothing wrong with my shape

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  • Should Year Round School Round Education?

    examining both views in the debate and how and why the sources are effective in explaining their views on the subject at hand. When I first chose the topic of year-round education, I thought to myself “I have no idea why I am choosing this topic because I never want to be on a year-round schedule, so why even do the research on this?” However, this view shifted as I began researching the topic and learning more about the positive aspects of year-round education, which I soon came to realize outweighed

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  • Middle Class : The Middle Of The Socio Economic Ladder

    The middle class. It’s exactly how it sounds. The middle of the socio economic ladder and what a majority of the United States working class is located. This class is what shaped me into the man I have become and continuing to grow as today. The middle class lifestyle affected me in ways such as I wasn’t able to be with my mom and dad as much, we had just enough to get what we needed, and it laid the ground work for the work ethic that I have now and continue to build on today. Growing up with

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  • My Family And Family Values

    Like others, I never thought of my life or my family as "normal." My oldest sister and I were born to the same mother and different fathers. Even though we were not “full-siblings” we never considered it as such, therefore I grew up with a mother and two “fathers.” Furthermore, my household was multicultural, Puerto Rican on my biological father 's side, African-American, and Caucasian on my mother 's side. I constantly worked to balance and interconnect my multiple ethnicities and numerous assorted

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  • Why I Am A Nurse

    station, I impatiently wait for my mother to finish her morning rounds at the nursing home. It is summertime, and I am eager to be dropped off at my Vacation Bible School church camp. A resident parked in her wheelchair down the hallway begins yelling, “Help me! I’m dying! Help!” over and over again. Worried, I begin frantically looking for a nurse to come help. One suddenly appears at the patient’s side, and asks what the problem was. Their response: they had a hangnail that needed clipped. When I was

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  • What I Have A Life Death Experience

    I will be telling you of a time that I had a life death experience, when I went on vacation with my family last summer. Just right after my brothers got out of school, also after I and my dad got done with a job we had at the time. On Monday, just before we started to make reservations and planning our vacation we all had a talk to my little brother (Brandon) because he is very energetic and we had to make sure that he didn’t swim out to far, also the dangers of the ocean. Oh! I forgot to mention

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  • My Life With My Family

    As long as I can remember, I have always been astonished at the thought of life. What exactly is this thing called ‘life”? What was I placed on this earth to do? What all will I accomplish in my lifetime? These are just a few of the questions I ask myself quite often. I feel very lucky to have the life that I do. Not many kids get to grow up with the life that I am living. I thank God for that every day. Growing up, family has always come first to me. I know that my family would do absolutely

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  • The Importance Of Being Born Fully Thai

    born fully Thai, I was expected to be able to read, write, and speak the language. I was enrolled in a supplementary school to do just that. I went to this school during the weekends and I never took anything seriously. It was during a weekend and as a kid all I wanted to do was run around and play games. I ended up not paying attention and not doing any of the work there. I brushed it off, neglecting my Thai culture. Ultimately, I failed my entire family. I was illiterate in my parent’s native tongue

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  • A Setting Goals Of The And The Massachusetts Division Of Adult Community Corrections

    a. Setting Goals 1. Relieving Mistakes For me to obtain the drugs that I wanted I had to lie, cheat, and steal my way through life because it was impossible for me to retain any sort of employment; therefore, my criminal record is a direct reflection of the acts that I committed. Ranging from driving with a suspended license to theft and forgery my criminal history displays how I allowed the drug to overtake my life, and subsequently leave me with a criminal record that has prevented me from obtaining

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  • What I Did Was Swing?

    All I did was swing. Just like they taught me. Elbow up, keep your eyes on the ball. If you extend your arms and let them fly, the ball will do the same. That 's what I did. I never thought this swing would send that ball flying over the fence. Especially at 10 years old. It was weird, swinging the bat and feeling just a slight vibration from the barrel. To look up, seeing a small sphere fade off into the distance. A shooting star. Getting to run around the bases as slow as you want to. Slow motion

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  • Euro Disney Case Study Essay example

    * By summer 1994, EuroDisney had lost more than 900 million dollars * Disneyworld in Orlando ended up being cheaper than a trip to Paris due to currency movements and transatlantic airfare wars * French visitors stayed away due to view EuroDisney as “American imperialism—plastics at its worst” * Advertising by EuroDisney aggravate local French sentiment by emphasizing glitz and size instead of the attractions * The Gulf War in 1991: * Put a heavy break on vacation for the

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