The Importance Of Human Nature In Dick's Man

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Register to read the introduction… First and foremost is their instinctive animalistic trait for survival. These humans are the ones that made it through World War Terminus and continue to live on a residually radioactive planet, so their survival instincts have taken over and arguable lessen their other aspects of gentile humanity. The society values of these times are also radically different from pre-war times. In so small a population, social status has become even more important to attain. And the way to attain said statues is by owning, or at least convincing others that you own, a real and living animal. Some traits, however, are still as strong, but less understood. The paternal need to care for another being is still strong ingrained in humanity, but most of this caring drive has been diverted from other people to animals instead. So, the disintegration and mutation of these humanistic traits make it hard for Rick Deckard to do his job, to hunt down and "retire" renegade androids in his city. The only semblance of human nature left that he depends on is empathy, something androids had never before been able to recreate. But, with the way things are going with the advancement of androids and the dehumanizing of people, his job has become harder than ever …show more content…
There "nature" is not natural at all. In fact, it is completely manmade. They were created for the sole purpose of serving humans. They were given life simply to be given as an incentive for people to move off of Earth. Humans gave them the basic components of existence: a body, a brain, intelligence, memories; and then left the rest of development up to chance, and by chance, "android nature" further evolved. They developed a desire for freedom and the ability to dream of a better life and a sense of curiosity. The androids' flights to Earth prove this. Luba Luft, the android opera singer, epitomizes this concept. While androids struggle for true contentment, many human beings are relying on artificial means of happiness, such as the mood organ. We actually catch Deckard thinking, "Most androids I've known have more vitality and desire to live than my wife." (page 94)
With the development of "android nature" came the fostering of android relationships. Toward humans there is resentment and, in the case of Isidor, superiority issues. They see themselves at least equal to humans, if not superior to, physically, intellectually, and morally. Their relationships with animals are vastly different. Instead of revering them, they instead are more curious about them. Pris' mutilation of the spider was not necessarily out of cruelty, but out of a sense of wonder, a yearning to discover
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Phil Resch's, fervor for his job, love and concern for his pet squirrel and his fast-made friendship with Deckard for their common goal are most humanistic character facets in the entire book. Pris' relationship with the Batys is that of genuine friendship, something that no human character in the book displayed. And, here's the kicker, Rachel's empathy for Rick's feeling about retiring Pris, an android built to the her exact dimension. She knew it would be difficult for Rick after their sexual encounter, so she volunteered to take care of Pris for him, an act of

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