Disadvantages Of Peachtree Accounting

Register to read the introduction… The original program was written in 1978 and has endured more than three decades. The endurance of the software showcases not only its usefulness, but also the trust businesses have placed in it over the years. In its 2010 version, Peachtree Accounting fully integrated analytical software into its features. With this feature, you will be able to compare your company's revenue, gross margins and sales with competitors, see how your company ranks within your industry and view financial trends that are relevant to your business practices.
Peachtree Accounting allows you to open accounts for different companies under the same user name. In other words, if you operate more than one business, you will be able to view each company's financial information and manage all accounts from the same screen. While this seems like a simple feature, most other business accounting programs force you to have completely separate accounts and will not allow you to have them open at the same
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The Cash Disbursements Journal lists in journal format all payments (checks) made to vendors and customers. This includes checks written in either the Payments or the Write Checks window. The Items Purchased from Vendors report is a list of all purchases made from vendors. The Purchase Order Journal lists purchase orders in journal format. Use this report to verify all PO's for a specific date range. This Purchase Order report lists purchase orders with line item detail including quantity ordered, quantity received, and quantity remaining. The Purchase Journal is a record of purchases and includes detail information about each line item. The Cash Requirements report shows by vendor how much you owe vendors at a given time. Also the Inventory Reports like the Inventory Profitability Report identifies gross profit margins for inventory items for the selected date range. The Cost of Goods Sold Journal lists the cost of sales for each of your items at the time that you sell them. A similar, but more detailed report is the Item Costing Report. The Physical Inventory List prints a worksheet that you can use to count the number of items in your inventory. This lists the item ID, its description, and the unit of measure and a space

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