Personal Responsibility : The New Lancer Days Essay

823 Words Aug 24th, 2016 4 Pages
Overwhelming, exciting, and joyful are only a few adjectives I would use to describe Lancer days. It wasn’t anything that I expected it to be, it was much better. Kami was so helpful and was willing to help us with answering questions, showing us our classes, and making us feel welcome. Everything seemed so enlightening and eye-opening. There are so many different opportunities for everyone. Those opportunities include anything from sports, clubs, fraternities, sororities, and many other organizations. There is truly something for everyone! There were many different skills and characteristics discussed and shown during the new lancer days. One of those characteristics being personal responsibility. To me this is a very important characteristic that I’d like to say I personally possess. Personal responsibility is a trait most college students aren’t very familiar with simply because their parents and teachers have always helped with telling them where they need to be and what needs to be done. When you enter college you realize no one is telling you what to do, this is exciting of course but that just means you have to take on your own responsibilities. During the seminar that spoke about drugs, alcohol, and sex responsibility came to my mind. Now that I’m in college my decisions, actions, and choices are now my responsibly. If I decided to drink or party, it is my responsibly to know the possible outcomes. If I miss class, it is my own responsibly to email my professor and…

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