Essay on Australia 's Leading Child Protection Charities

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Barnardos Australia is one of Australia’s leading child protection charities, committed to assisting and working with parents and children in preventing and providing care for victims of domestic abuse; whilst building community knowledge around issues that are faced by disadvantaged children and families.
The organisation tackles these issues through a variety of avenues; such as foster care, family and youth services, adoption, as well as tailoring services and programmes for adolescents in need.
The work of Barnardos Australia predominantly manages entry into care and the prevention of abuse, paired with the statistic that over a quarter of Australia’s homeless being made up of those aged 12 to 24 years ("A Snapshot Of Australia 's Young People", 2016); they have felt the need for a campaign that will raise funds for their adolescent services, increase awareness on the issue and to have a rise in sponsors for young people.
Due to Barnardos currently operating teen homelessness services only in the ACT and NSW, the campaign will be exclusively targeted to these two states.
The two-pronged campaign will be targeted towards students, schools and those aged 25 and over, which will be explained later in the rationale. The campaign will involve a full-frontal media approach, through social and print media leading up to May 20th 2017, which will be Barnardos Australia’s Combating Teen Homelessness day.
The day will involve stands in shopping centres which aim to sign up…

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