What Expectations Do You Have About The Class? Essay

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What expectations do you have about the class?
My expectations for MKT 271 are to learn and gather as much knowledge as possible. While completing my AAS in Organizational Management degree, I took a retail marketing class and realized that marketing was interesting to me. I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge with every aspect of marketing. I think that marketing is important to every business and industry and my business future will be changed by completing these courses.
This course will provide the background information that I will utilize for years. The ability to understand markets, products, product life-cycle, buyer behavior, distribution strategy, ordering processes and inventory are concepts that will help dramatically with my business.

What skills do you hope to learn?
The skills that I want to learn in MKT 271 are

• Critical thinking is a necessary skill for marketing and business. I want to improve my critical thinking skills to help me personally as well as my business. Being a stay-at-home mom for 13 years, I believe that I have the ability to analyze circumstances and make quick decisions. This skill is important but not always transferrable into the business world. I want to develop the ability to analyze the situation and develop a plan to success.
• Creativity is an important skill that is utilized in marketing. I want to develop my ability to come up with new exciting ideas that will help my business to grow and flourish. I do believe…

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