Markstart Simulation Reflection Paper

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I work for FMC Technologies, a leading supplier of advanced process control systems for lube oil blending applications. As the engineering manager, I closely work with our marketing team and techno-commercial team in identifying, designing custom solutions for our end clients. We are involved in a highly specialized, non-commodity, project oriented business. Our success depends largely on a select group of customers such as ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, and a few other international oil companies. Our survival depends solely on doing a better job than our competitors in satisfying the unique needs of these customers. The marketing topics we covered in class and the insights I have gained from them help me perform better in my current position. I have been able to readily apply what I learned this module in my current line of work.
Some of the concepts we discussed in class have really opened up my eyes, and have changed my outlook towards marketing. I have learned how product design and positioning are to be performed. Unlike what we discussed in class, at FMC, engineering primarily drives product design with basic inputs provided by marketing. Most of the time, I now realize, we tend
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This, indeed, is the best part of this course! The intense brainstorming discussions, differing views on strategies, and stimulating arguments during our Markstrat group meetings provided me with great a learning experience. Case study write-ups are the next best part of this course; they provided me with an opportunity to dissect and analyze real world business scenarios, further enhancing the concepts we learned in the classroom. Overall, it has been an enjoyable and enriching learning

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