Salem Public Relations Case

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What is the public relations issue (opportunity or problem) that the case is based upon?
The main opportunity available in this case is to extend the tourism of Salem beyond the Halloween month of October to make it a yearly attractive destination to increase sales and revenue. The problem at hand is that Salem is just historically known for the city of witchcraft and they want this perception in people to change.

What background(secondary) research was conducted in the case (if any)? What primary research was conducted in the case (if any)? How sufficient and effective was the research phase of the campaign.

The secondary research that was conducted on Salem include the following;
Research was done on the economic engine for the entire state of Massachusetts which generated $11 billion
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What lessons have you learned that you can apply to your practice of public relations?
I learned that when making a case study make sure you do all four stages of Public Relations process and provide evidence to be able to know where you stand after the campaign. I also learned about the different marketing tactics that the case provided. They were mapped out well and easy to understand.
9. How could media relations play a pivotal role in changing Salem’s image?
The media relations could play a pivotal role by building good, dependable relationships with the media that right about the stories of Salem. This will help the city establish a good image locally and internationally. Salem will also benefit when having a good relationship because it will be easy for them to reach out the media when having urgent needs because of the strong relationship that already exists.

10. What do you individually like about this Salem case?
What I liked about the Salem case and I found interesting is that before reading about it I did not personally know the origins of Halloween. I do not celebrate Halloween but I now know more about its history and could be able to explain about it if

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