Importance Of My Experience In Marketing Field

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I am currently an undergraduate student in business management field looking to broaden my experience in marketing and sales domain. My grasp on key business concepts is firm. Since business industry is a broad-ranging term, it entails in itself myriad of domains for facilitating best practices. I have attended university-organized employability week sessions for ascertaining my area of interest with respect to maximizing potential use of my skill. It takes meticulous planning and extensive research to workout a feasible career plan with respect to my chosen field of interest. I have a sound working knowledge of market trends and consequent demand driven professions.
Experience in Marketing Field
On becoming a fresh graduate from a respectable business school, I am a self-empowered individual, facilitating myself in range of key business concepts. More so, my eidetic memory is fully capable of rephrasing key marketing concepts and viable
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It allows fortifying networks and personal contacts. I happened to attend various guest speaker sessions from multiple organizations imparting their extensive expertise and knowledge to young minds. Workshops and seminars are especially organized for empowering students with real-life skills and market trends. Walk-in interviews are organized and mock-interviews facilitate students from preventing repetitive erroneous responses.
As a result, I learned extensively from this comprehensive event, ranging from sessions hosted by corporate executives, seminars of skill development and interview blunders were aptly conducted for maximizing information imparting. It also expanded my present knowledge regarding scope of marketing and sales field with respect to market forces. More so, it allowed me to map out my personal career plan within a 5-10 year

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